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    fluid tactic?

    Is there a trick this year to do it faster? 1) Should I put the tactic in all 3 slots? I would presume YES. 2) Does train match tactic get the tactic more fluid? I would presume YES. Does anybody have any insights? Thanks (H)
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    Anybody tried him in Barcelona? I am playing him as an AMR (IF Att), but I are not getting all of his best. 27 games - 11 goals, and 14 assist. I hoped for more |) Anybody played him?
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    van Dijk / Gimenez / Laporte

    Who would you buy to Liverpool? First season - price for each 58-60 mio £ Playing with 2 DC's.
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    Aprils fool

    Anybody tried it in the game...? SI did one on me :-)
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    Skin with Instant result

    Anybody that have a skin with instant result that works? It cannot be Wannachupbrew-FM16, cause the game freezes with that skin. Thanks!
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    Error parsing XML not well formed invalid token at line 1...

    Above is the message I am getting when I am trying to start up a match. Anybody knows what to do?
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    new computer

    I need a new computer… More or less it needs to run FM smooth and fast. I don’t want to spend a fortune(limit about 400£), but willing to pay to get a computer that is working for 2-3 years. So my questions are: What’s the minimum you think the computer should have? Any recommendations...
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    FM is very slow and lagging

    Am I the only one with this problem when I am replying on a thread? When I am trying to type something the page is not getting all letters or space between Below is the above without waiting or re-typing (Wen I am tying o typesomehing the page isnot gettigall letrs orpace betee)