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    Taking Bristol City To The Top

    After getting frustrated with FM14 i have decided to come back to FM13 and start one last story before FM15 comes out.
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    A Sheffield United Story.

    Sheffield United Story 1st Season Aims. - Win Promotion from League 1 - Developing the exciting youth prospects at the club
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    Wanting to start a new story.

    Since my last proper story on here with Liverpool last year i have wanted to get back into it and have now decided it is the time the only problem is i haven't got a clue who i want to manage so i've decided to ask you, what teams do you want to see? im looking in England around the championship...
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    Entertaining Game.

    Well this has to be one of the strangest games ive had with brentford, this match engine is entertaining ill give it that. Anyone had any games like this?
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    A Crewe Alexandra Story

    During this story my aim is to use the famous Crewe academy to help fire the railwaymen to the premier league.
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    A York City Story

    In this story i am looking to take York City from the bottom of the football league all the way to the Premiership, since York has very little cash to spend i will focus on younger players for the time being
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    I have decided what team i am going to take charge of in my latest story and that team is York City, you can follow it here I will also be starting a story on here aswell
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    What team to manager

    Hello there i have recently got back into playing football manager some of you might have read the liverpool story i was writing but unfortunately my computer completely died and therefore i was not able to continue my save, I need some advice on what team i should be for my comeback story. If...
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    The Rebuilding Of Liverpool FC

    In this story i will attempt to turn Liverpool back into the European great they once was, which firstly means recapturing the record of League titles by Manchester United.