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    Hidden Gem (Joel Fameyeh)

    as i do every beta, i spend most of mine time scouting different leagues and nations for potential hidden gems for future saves. after searching for a while, i stumbled across this beauty by the name of 'Joel Fameyeh'
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    Extracting sortitousti facepack via macbook

    I've done the first part via torrent. But it won't allow me to extract it. Any ideas guys??
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    Football manager stuck on loading screen

    I can open fm fine, but it's stuck on loading screen. I've reinstalled and veryfied game cache and it still doesn't load. Any ideas??
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    Moving porto to Bpl

    Des anyone now how to do this, I've never used the editor before. Also I want to move porto to Bpl because it's more of a challenge than playing in Liga sagres
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    Andrej Kramarić

    Does anyone have his stats, from LFC Marhsalls new update
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    Fm 15 pre-order (cheapest price)!!

    Football Manager 2015 PC/Mac CD Key, Steam Key - Havent seen anyone else do it cheaper!!
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    Choosing leagues??

    What leagues do I have to run and not have to run. I.e. Do I need to run Argentinan league to find Argentina players or Romanian league to find Romanian players etc. or is there a way to make the database find players on their reputation??
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    Derby county first season

    Currently using lfc Marshall update. Any ideas who to buy or sell.
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    Lukas Spalvis

    Anybody got a ss of him in the future. Insane stats for his age. Currently got drogba tutoring him. If anybody could provide a ss would be grateful