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    offensive routine

    hello! can you suggest an effective routine for offensive free kicks and corners? thanks
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    Hi! last year i downloaded an awesome 4-3-3 tactic with 3 False 9 strikers and 2 roaming midfielders... do you know if the author made the same tactic for this year too? i can't find it and i don't have the old one anymore please help Thanks Andrea
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    man city - february 3rd season

    so guys after 2 season at Ajax i got the call from Man City. i took the job and in february i am dominating the league and i'm still competing in all the other competitions. i post a few screens about the transfers i made in the summer and the tactic. the transfer budget has now been increased...
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    Román, a legend!

    It was the end of 2014 when one of the most talented players in the world decides to retire from professional football. A few days later he becomes the new Argentinos Juniors manager, the club where he both started and finished his 18 years long career. Former Argentina international Juan Román...
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    Kranevitter vs Gil Romero

    Hi so i took over Marseille in the middle of november 2014 and i need a good midfielder to place beside question is: Kranevitter or Gil Romero? Thanks
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    West Ham 3rd Season - need a B2B

    Hello! i'm managing west ham and i'm at the beginning of the 3rd season. i played the first 2 seasons with Pavelka as B2B midfielder ad i finished in 6th and 3rd position(was on top at the last match but i lost to Man Utd and Arsenal won and they both got over me:(). anyway i'm gonna play the...
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    West Ham 2nd season

    Hi! I'm managing west ham and i'm at the beginning of the 2nd season and after a good first season(6th place but no EL :() i sold many players and made good money. i need an advanced playmaker with attack duties, a box to box midfielder and one or two inside forwards with support duties. i have...
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    Carlos Fierro vs Gabriel Barbosa ( vs ??)

    Hi! i'm starting the 3rd season at Milan and i need a poacher for my 4-3-3 Who's better between Fierro and Barbosa? Or maybe do u have a better name? i don't need and i can't afford a world class player but i can spend a little money for a young one like these two Thanks
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    Little help with offensive movements

    Hi! first of all sorry for my bad english but i'll try to make it as understandable as i can. ok after an embarrassing start i'm getting better with defensive movements and with tactics in general; i try to adapt them to the opponent and i'm getting better. i still have one or 2 problems with...