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    Keeper for Stoke

    2nd season with Stoke and in need of quality keeper have 11M left and willing to spend all for new keeper. Suggestions please
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    Stoke signings 2nd Season

    Just finished my 1st season and we finished 7th checked my transfer budget and was shocked to see that I have 22M to spend. Is the 22M my transfer budget or will I get my transfer budget again? Anyway I need a solid goalie, a striker to complement Moussa Sow who has been banging them in also...
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    Dzagoev or Giovinco

    Ok Villa first season and doing well sitting pretty on top and I am playing a 4312. I am looking for a new AMC I have Defour but I am making him play as a DM as it suits him better and I will also have no problem moving him up front. Looking at Dzagoev and Giovinco money is not the problem both...
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    My 4-3-1-2 Villa

    Okay I accidentally found this tactic on "accident" while in the last minute of the match and it was so successfull that I have gone 13 games unbeaten and lying comfortably in 1st spot. The media was also surprised as they have expected us to finish anywhere in the first half. The board were so...
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    Oscar Mendes Leal

    Only 15 and he is already banging goals in the U18's. Snapped him up as a trainee still in my first season and he could be an important first team player next season. 21 goals in 24 appearances *_* So what do you guys reckon and post of a screenie of a regen that you got that is around 15-16...
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    Gonzalo Higuain

    He is coming to my Villa team on 1st July 2009 for £6.75M!! What a steal! So anyone had any experience with him?
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    Up to date Database

    I am looking to make a new save but can't decide on a database as my Villa saved is ****ed up it says something about crush dumps anyway anyone knows of any up to date db like tevez leaving united sturiddge to chelsea and etc.
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    Crash Dump

    Ok I have just won a game and loading other results and going into the message screen when all of a sudden a pop up appeard saying somehing about crash dump and needs to close FM..I was so ****** as this was the first time that it occured to me and now Im stuck can't even continue as the pop out...
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    I know hes a raelly good player on FM but somehow on my Villa side he seems to get injured really often he just torn his hamstring and will be out for 3 months its getting annoying as I paid £39M for him at the start of last season I was thinking of selling him when the season ends and I am...
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    The "Rate My Regen Thread"

    Ok been looking around and haven't seen one of these threads so tought why not make one so it is basically you posting your ss of your regens and forum members will rate. I'll have a go :D
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    Has anyone got any succes in appealing for a red card? I have tried it alot of times when my player got sent off but somehow my appeals has never been succesful.
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    I know this ahs been posted before but i can't find the thread but how do you manage a country at the begining?
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    20??+ database

    Has anyone reached like the year 2018 and up when there is alot of quality regens yet? If you have can you please upload your database not sure if it is legal to ask this here but I kinda put a hold on my Villa save as I was getting bored I was thinking of creating a team made up of regen's...
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    Hall of Fame

    Where is the hall of fame I can't find it anywhere? I was inducted but I forgot what my placing was.. -_-
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    How do I scout under 19's matches cos when I go to my scout and add new assignment and add condition to under 19's but it won't let me confirm. I went to the assign to and all I see is Next Opposition and Compeititon th compeitition are like England>EPL and etc.. But what I want is for my...
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    Left Mid/Winger

    Im looking for a LM/Left Sided Winger I sold Di Maria as he is too injury prone and I sold Macgeady as he is not that good I have tried putting a bid for Vela but Arsenal are hard to crack...I have £94M to spend and in the starting transfer window of 2011..
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    My first quadruple!

    I have won my very first quadruple with my Villa side!! what a season! The match against Fulham were the decider even though we have more points I don't see the need lol.
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    Work Permit

    I just signed a quality regen from China and he has spent 2 seasons in Denmark and went to Renne instead for my Villa side but I ahve recently signed him a few moments ago but he is not eligible to play I have already tried sending him out for loan but he does'nt want to go saying he has...
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    How do you guys play your Marquinhos I just bought him for 25M and not too sure how I should play him...I was thinking of playing him as a winger to use hes pace and speed to run down the wings....
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    Pushing for CL

    Alright this is my 3rd season and i need players to bolster my sqaud for the upcoming Champions League the problem is im not too sure on who to sign I wanted to sign Hulk,Marquinhos and Vela the only possible player I can get to sign is Hulk and Marquinhos and Vela have a high asking price I...