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    Good Solid tactic??

    I used to play a 41221 formation in FM14 and do well scoring goals and solid at the back, going onto win cups and leagues. Since installing the 14.3 update the tactic no longer works. I tried changing the tactic to a 4232 formation which a lot of teams use but not consistent. Does anyone know a...
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    Good Tactic?

    Looking for a good tactic on update. Used to use a 41221 formation before winning trophies and cups but now since installing the update no matter which tactic I use I am not consistent or even scoring goals and defending well
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    What is a very good tactic for fm2013?

    I am looking for a good tactic in fm2013 which will score goals and struggle to concede. I have dowloaded about six dif tactics for 2013 but one of them seem to be consistent in scoring goals and having a solid back line. I was a player of 2012 and had a very good tactic of 4-3-3 which was...
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    Good Tactic

    I have been playing FM12 since January and had been doing well with a variety of teams winning cups and leagues, scoring well and not conceding alot playing a 4 2 2 2, 2 x FB, 2x CB, 2 x W, BWM,CM. AF and P. Since my game crached and i had to install FM again it has been updated to the 12.2...