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    3 Lions To Roar Again

    3 Lions are set to roar again after Fifa have announced every team based in England have been given Transfer Embargos from 1st July 2014 - 1st July 2100. As we approach nearly 50 years since England won the World Cup, there has been constant debate over the failures of the England National side...
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    Players hidden attributes on fm scout - RELIABLE or NOT?

    Hi guys, im in my 10th season with Arsenal and ive absolutely smashed it every year. But as the regens begin filter into the game im struggling to learn who is a safe bet to use in my team etc etc.For example, my cbs for all of this time have been varane/balanta/umtiti who have been amazing. Yet...
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    How to do preseason after Euros/World Cup

    Hi guys, something ive always struggled with is sorting my pre season after the euros or world cup during the summer. Some players come back 100% match fit whereas some dont.Just wondering what everyone usually does?I tend to have like 10 friendlies to get everyone fit and to get match tactics...
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    Preferred moves for player roles

    Hi guys, im looking to start a discussion on what people think would be the best preferred moves to train a player in certain roles for the tactic I use. Sweeper Keeper - Attack Centre Back - Stopper DM Defensive Midfield - Support CM Advanced Playmaker - Attack RM/LM Wide Midfielder -...
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    Ipswich Town FC - The Revival

    - Monday 29th June 2015 - MICK MCCARTHY FACES UNCERTAIN FUTURE AFTER BUST-UP WITH INVISIBLE CHAIRMAN Reports coming from Ipswich Town's training ground this morning are that Mick McCarthy could be on his way out of Portman Road after a bust up with Chairman, Marcus Evans. It is thought...
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    Most Successful FM Careers

    Hi all, ive been playing my FM15 save with Arsenal for 5 Days, 12 Hours, 33 Minutes now and for me, have achieved my best ever save. I have not used editor or in-game editor, nor have i cheated in anyway. Which makes me even more happier about this FM Career. I have just completed my 6th season...
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    Ipswich Town FC - George Burley, Unfinished Business!

    Ipswich Town FC - George Burley, Bring Back European Glory!! This year marks the 13th season in The Championship for Ipswich Town since their relegation from The Premier League back in the 2001/02 campaign. Despite only having 2 seasons back in the "promised land", even today many a Ipswich...
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    Players requesting to leave to win trophies!

    Ive done 3 season with Arsenal, winning the league 3 times, champs league 3 times, fa cup twice, league cup once, champs shield twice, euro super cup 3 times and club world cup twice yet my players are still requesting for a transfer to a "bigger club" to win more trophies..... I am the biggest...
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    Just wondering if anybody knows how long it takes for a tactic to become fluid in international management. Match tactics is the pregame training. But obviously its not the same as club level. How long till it becomes fluid?
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    Rotation system

    Sup guys, just wondering what peoples views were on rotation systems and how many people you like to have in your squad? Ive always liked to have 2 players for each position with 1 person in each position a youngster. Im in my second season as Arsenal and im struggling to give everybody enough...
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    Harris' 4-1-1-3-1 with Arsenal. Advice welcome :-)

    I have been racking my brains the last few weeks trying to find the right formula for a successful 4-2-3-1 system. I found a system which worked really well but not consistently. I then found "Spankys 424" and gave that a whirl to no avail. Im not sure if im making the wrong transfers or...
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    Genie scout FM14

    I recently tried to download and install genie scout for FM2014 but it said wasnt supported. I have an imac, not windows. Could anybody help me please on finding a way to download a genie scout on my imac.
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    English Championship Network game

    Hi guys, ive been wanting to start an online network game for ages! Im from Ipswich so naturally id like to manage Ipswich Town. I can play pretty much play every night between 20:00-00:00. If anybody is interested, let me know. Would be good to start tonight if possible. Thanks
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    5-3-2 with CWB's

    After 5 wins from 5 games with Ipswich, this tactic is absolutely smashing it! Not sure how or why. Fulham (L) @ H 3-0 Luton (C) @ A 4-1 Reading (L) @ A 3-0 Birmingham (L) @ A 5-1 Norwich (L) @ H 3-0 I have an imac, and i havnt posted tactics etc for nearly a year so ive forgotten how to take...
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    Match preperation

    Guide to football manager has proved a very very helpful site for advice. But id like to see what others do and look for in their match preparations. Trying to find that successful plug n play tactic has proved more and more difficult in recent football manager games. Step by step, what do you...
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    Player attribute training

    When training player attributes, not all the attributes viewable are able to be trained. Am i correct in presuming all of the remaining attributes would have to be increased by a player being tutored?
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    Beating different Styles of play - in depth analysis

    In depth tactical decisions - Im hoping this thread becomes popular as i believe it could answer alot of questions and help alot of people out playing football manager. Id like to get everybodys expert opinions on which tactics are best against other certain tactics. Also, which attributes are...
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    Teaching Players Preferred Moves

    Ive always had a good eye for buying players and young stars on Football Manager games. On FM2014 i finally seem to have mastered the tactics after creating my own very successful versions. However, Football Manager is becoming so detailed nowadays. Taking the time to train your tactics, train...
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    Harris' Unstoppable 4-2-2-2 Home & 4-1-1-3-1 Away tactics!! :)

    For those of you that have followed my still reasonably new thread " " Thank you for your kind words on how well my tactic has worked for yourselves. I thought it...