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    Tottenham Hotspur Invincibles

    Hi lads, I have a challenge open to anyone. I have created a Tottenham team in 2019 comprised on mostly regens. I would like to play anyone who thinks they have a good team on the versus mode. I guarantee you will not beat me If anyone has a team they would like to challenge me with then just...
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    Charlton First Season

    Starting a new save with Charlton, Starting budget 150k and starting wage of around 10k, I'm just looking for any type of player in any position who people think is a must buy. Also any ideas on who to sell or anything like that Cheers Thorf
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    Coventry First Season

    Just started a save with Coventry with the default database. My current line-up is: GK: Joe Murphy RB: Jordan Clarke CB: William Edjenguele CB: Richard Wood LB: Chris Hussey CM: Steve Jennings CM: Franck Moussa AMR: Carl Baker AMC: John Fleck AML: Gary McSheffrey FC: Stephen Elliot If anyone...
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    Swindon Town first save

    Starting a new save as Swindon on my FM, looking to get promoted first season or at least hit the play offs. Anyone who replies, I am looking for advice on: - Whether to play with the Jan update or not? - Who do I sign/sell/loan/hire(staff) on the database you think I should play on? Cheers...
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    new network game

    Anyone got a network game i can join?
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    Charlton - 1st Season

    Started a new game as Charlton first season, really want to get promoted, Any signings, players to sell, training schedules, coaches, or any ideas to improve my team would be much appreciated, Cheers Thorf
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    Blackpool - Mid-Season First Season

    Hey again guys, this is a follow up from my recent thread I am mid-way through my Blackpool save and first by 5 points, My club are so happy they have offered my 16mil I have Quintero as advised and he is on 25 goals from 12 games I have a great squad but I want a few players who will help me...
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    Championship : Blackpool First Season

    Just started a game with a mate and I am Blackpool and he is West Ham There has been no updates to the database so it is the standard edition Obviously West Ham are a really good team but I want to win the Championship instead of my mate Any help would be much appreciated, Any players, Staff...
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    Started a game with a mate, He is West Ham and I am Blackpool I am desperate to win the Championship instead of him, I am looking for players that are not expensive but are really great in their specialised position I am looking for players like Molina, 1.2 Mil and great in AMC Any ideas would...
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    Portsmouth F.C 1st Season

    Hey all, I have just started a new season with some mates and we are all championship clubs attempting to get into the prem. They are all really good players and I dont want to be the only one not to earn promotion, I have 1.5 million pounds to spend and I would rather wage demands to not be...
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    I have got a PC and football manager 2012 but i am getting a mac soon, I will install FM12 onto my new computer Will i be able to transfer across and play my PC save games on my mac? Thank you
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    Burnley - First Season

    hey all, it is my first season at burnley, my transfer budget is £2M, i need a consistent goal scorer and a quick right mid cheers
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    Help Needed

    I have a horrible choice to make: I have been at Napoli Two seasons, and have done an alright job, come second and third in the Serie and won the Italian and Euro cup, one a year, These are my job offers Napoli £45.5 mil Man City £75.5 mil
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    Napoli Season 3

    Hey all again, I have just finished my second season, this season i only won the Italian cup and Came third in the serie A, but the Napoli board still gave me a huge 45.5 mil i need a good goalie and a strong CB Any ideas thanks oli
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    Hi All, I have just started my second season at Napoli I came second in the Serie A and Won the Euro Cup Next season i am playing in the champions league, and i am looking for players who will really boost my campaign in the competition. My transfer budget is £36.5 Million My current team is...
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    At. Madrid

    It's my first season at At. Madrid, and i have £26 million. i am looking for any good buys
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    Tottenham Hotspurs: Quality Buy

    i dont mind if it is youth or anything, i just want to make a couple of amazing buys, or maybe even just one, i have a transfer budget of £16Million