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    FM10 Alternative Boxes

    Don't like pictures on the megapack? i have files that have tons of different alternatives just for the people who want them. NOTE: I do not actually cut the pictures, i just find them on sortitoutsi or FM-base. Most of them are in the MP Personal preference or improvement thread. The David...
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    Unstoppable Attack

    hey managers, i have been reserchingo on my fm game, and i realised which two players would cause unbelievable damage to other defense. here it goes, i have Mario Mandzukic and Dentinho. i had to alter the team budget but i can tell u it was worth it. my attack is very good, mandzukic was a...
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    Sporting Vs Atlético

    did anyone see the game yesterday?, to those who saw i think it is very clear that sporting deserved to win, with half team either sent off or injured, sporting managed to play much better than atletico madrid at least in my opinion, atletico played very well of course but sporting deserved more...
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    Champions League Logos

    hello, does anyone here know where i can find the champions league logos? you know something like the actual logos used in the scoreboard if any of u find it, please keep in touch
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    I Learnt How to cut out faces :D

    hey guys i would like to get opinions on my first cut outs, (like Kevy) i am still learning the basics, i used Gimp 2.6 with the lasso tool, give ur honest opinion please on my cut outs, here they go, i wont be able ti respond to requests cause i dont think i am ready yet, i can try but they...
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    International Facepacks

    hello mates, i've been trying to search in the last weeks but i can not find it, i have been trying to search for a international cut out megapack, with players with their national shirts instead of club shirts, so if anyone knows someplace that has international cut out facepakcs e.x.-portugal...
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    Mario Mandzukic

    hello people of fm i would like to anounce a player that i found on my fm, his name is mario mandzukic he plays in croacia zagreb and i bought him for sporting in the beggining of the season, so far he has got 17 goals in only 12 matches. he scores around 1-2 goals per game and sometimes he...
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    Three Cut Out Requests

    hello people of fm, i would like to request three pictures for cutters out there on the website,please if any one out there could cut around their faces so i could insert them into my megapack, u dont need to put the code, i will do it myself, and thank you to anyone who cuts these, for...
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    hi guys ive been trying to do this all day but i just cant, you see whenever i put some kits for some reason the Arsenal home kit never show, any of you know a code i can put so that the kit will show?
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    Silky Sideways

    man how come there are so many silky sideways logos these days? their awfull id rather have the carbon logos, the metallic logos or the ultimate logos. I HATE THEM SO MUCH STOP FLODING THE GAME ADDONS SECTION SILKY SIDEWAYS
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    Help me!!! Looking for something!!

    just a warning, nothing to do with players. i have been searching for a mega pack, logos that are like bendy, and all modern, i cant find them but i know which ones they are, i will put pictures of the logo pack and if any one of you recognises the logo pack please comment and inform me. here...
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    Nothing to do with players

    THIS IS A WARNING nothing to do with wonderkids hello mates, ive iniciated a search, i am trying to find a mega pack, and i just cant find it, please help, me find them. i will show you a pic and if anyone of you recognise these logos please comment and let me know. Description: bendy logos
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    Who Is The best Goal Keeper in FM10

    could you tell me who is the best goalkeeper in the game, i would kike to buy him, could anyone help me with that
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    Wonderkids List

    Can i ask people from fm-base, will fm-base do that wonderkids list like they did last year? for those who dont remember the list had like a field with positions, when you clicked on each position it would show the best players. THAT WAS GOLD, will or when will fm-base do that this year?