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    Moussa Dembele

    I have a save with Newcastle in my 2nd season, back in the prem. I signed Moussa Dembele from Celtic before pre season had started but he got injured for 2 months so he struggled at the start and because dwight gayle was banging in the goals i could only hope he would start scoring when i bought...
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    Pedro Pereira!!

    Does anybody have much knowledge on Pedro Pereira?, he plays for Benfica and is only 18, its my first season with Newcastle and one of my scouts as came across him on loan at Everton. His current ability is 3 star and has a potential ability of 4 1/2 stars. any info on this player from anybody...
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    PortsmouthFC - Back On The Rise.

    Hi Guys, My names Thomas Howell I am fairly new to posting on these forums and this is my very first story. So bare with me haha. I've decided as a manager to take on the Portsmouth job after the it became available, i feel the club as so much to give and obviously as many people will know the...
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    Uploading Pictures etc

    Hi Everybody. Looking to start my own FM Story, and was wondering where i can get all the graphics and what not people use to make their stories stand out, ive forgot how i can upload my sreen shots to threads also, any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks TomWBAFC
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    Joe Rothwell & Ivan Calero

    Two Great lower league loan signings that I've never really seen anybody talk about. Joe Rothwell. CM 20 years old English professional from Manchester United. Loaned him for the season at Portsmouth and Is Top of Key passing stats aswell as the assists only 14 games in, Surely I'm not the...
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    Perfect Attacking Players! Hazard, Barkley and Lukaku!

    4 Players that have stood out for me in my 4th season with chelsea have been. Hazard, Barkley, Lukaku. Lukaku, I sold him to Real Madrid, but after two seasons bought him back. Overall In the latest season In 49 Apps, He scored 51 Goals, 14 Assists and 14 PoM, with an average rating of 7.49...
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    Best Assistant Managers?

    Does anybody have a list of decent assistant managers that i should look at signing?
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    Alessandro Florenzi

    I don't know if many people know about him on fm but I some how came across him and scooped him up for 13million he had 4 star potential and 2 star ability, 10 games left in my first season and his price as already gone up by 5 million and his ability has gone up to 3 and half star! I really...
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    Most frustrating FM?

    I have a save with Chelsea, and I'm not doing to badly, i'm currently 2nd in the league but the amount of games i have where I'm getting 30+ shots and literally no more than 10 on target and only winning 1 - 0 or even losing is so unrealistic, especially when you have the likes of hazard, oscar...
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    Pre season training?

    Can anyone tell me what they feel benefits them best when it comes to training in pre season to prepare for the season ahead?
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    Getting so frustrated!

    Getting so frustrated with this game at the moment, I'm playing with Birmingham and everytime I play the oppositions keeper seem to be unbeatable saving everything and I end up losing! What can I do? Please help it's driving me insane!
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    Team Instructions, HELP!

    How can I make two sets of team instructions on one tactic?
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    Just can't get a good run of winning!

    I'm Leicester and playing 4-5-1 with 1 DM and 4 across the midfield and then a lone striker with counter mentality and balanced fluidity. Starting to fustrate me because I can win a game and then lose a couple, seem to struggle with possession aswell in some games, anyone got any good suggestions?
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    Tips on training?

    Has anyone got any good tips on what they think works well with the training for both pre season and and throughout the season?
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    Neymar and Falcao!

    New to Fm Base Looking to get some advice on player roles, I'm in my 2nd season with man city. first season i signed falcao (40M) and in the new season i managed to scoop up Neymar For 61M so playing with these two upfront could be lethal, so obviously i need to get the most out of them. I'm...