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    A new way to pick your team with potential morale, not actual morale ratings!

    What if the morale rating for each player would be potential, rather than actual! And it would be like this the potential rating, it would be worse Very Poor and Poor, Average would be average and good, and better Very Good and Excellent. If the actual morale is different words than that, then...
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    Total Football Spurs Season 17/18

    Heres the Youtube of it! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I hope you enjoy it. Itsa Gotta be Total Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I'm not cheating because its...
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    Its gotta be!, Football Manager, Total Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post your tactics and tell me more about how it be's Total Football! I use Darren's Devastating 4213 tactic 2.0 and I'm willing to post it on here if you want to see it in action! It works on holiday or playing with an experienced enough Football Manager, Manager. Otherwise, just post yours and...
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    Spurs Manager in the Premier Division Stars with all the teams games live!

    Premier Division Stars is with Football Manager 2017 and has me as the Spurs Manager but with a twist! You get to see all the other weekly games in key highlights but without knowing the scores first! So a bit like the weekly Premier League review show! Please watch if you love the Premier...
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    Spurs Chairman vs Aston Villa Great Manager with an underwriter

    Ok, I need to explain a few things first. Its with the fm editor this to be able to be a Spurs Chairman. But I have a manager tactic which is great too on holiday with it just changing aston villa to an underwriter! Everton has one by default i think, so it shouldnt be that much of an...
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    tiki taka tactic that actually wins!

    here's my addendum to the barcelona tiki taka tactic on steam to change big possession wins, to big shots wins and still a smaller possession win and most importantly a game win as well! suggestion is to have a pacy striker and thats all! here it is try different dm's if its not working...
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    tiki taka tactic that actually wins!

    here's my addendum to the barcelona tiki taka tactic on steam to change big possession wins, to big shots wins and still a smaller possession win and most importantly a game win as well! suggestion is to have a pacy striker and thats all! here it is try different dm's if its not working...
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    match engine show off of football manager 2017

    here is my twitch to show off the match engine for football manager, for 3d 90 minute full match matches. its spurs against feyenord. here it is . as you can see then fm17 is so amazing and to now be watched so well in 3d. AMAZING Sports Interactive...
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    Spurs season 2016/17 with full match (90 mins) replays

    going for the premier league title this season. got most of the current spurs squad and playing great like in the real thing. about to play my capital one cup match against man city and here is the full twitch replay . now onto the tenth match against...
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    an idea for end of season premier league wrap ups and individual team ones

    what if we could somehow for future fm's have an end of season wrap up with the premier league and just for your club as well. with key highlights for each game and to see how you were going in the league at that time and maybe just with written commentary!!!!!!!!!!!!! just look at a premier...
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    Has anyone had success with Harry Kane with fm16?

    Harry Kane i think needs to maybe be 2 points more for his pace and acceleration to be as good as what he is. i think all the slower but prolific scorer attackers need to be about 2 points more than just 11's or 13's and be 11-13 when theyre 35 or something. pace matters too much for a striker...
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    New way to show off the weekly premier league replays

    Its great presentation for the new weekly replay show for fm. its got goals and a few chances as well and stats after the game and if youve got a good enough computer its like great with the graphics and match engine! And also you can compare how your teams highlights compare to the other teams.
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    Why you should play full match for fm16 and an example of it

    Full Match is being a real Manager and for fm16 is optimised so great i think. just make a tactic using pro zone and just watching and seeing how they play. here is my first half against west ham as spurs. try and be like to judge whether its great playing how both sides are playing like the...
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    Match engine tweak idea for watching full matches

    i think that they should have it for the next 10 minutes be preplanned and be like your tactic be's like just a setplay really and show properly your setplay (or tactic how it is now) like for a chance or a goal and have a set way your team plays for the formation and fluidity level and...
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    pro evo manager vs football manager whats your thoughts?

    watch my game n twitch of pro evo master league manager and could you explain why football manager couldnt be as great as this? here is my twitch, click next to here Twitch , and at half time in the liverpool game my settings and its just 15 minutes and top player as well. what do you think of...
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    home grown players for your club, a fair way to adjust them to be more accurate

    try to get the in game editor (official from sports interactive) and edit the players that are youngsters but in the u21 team over 90 current ability. so make their potential ability 20 more and make ability values under 10 , 10 and ones over 12, two more and that makes it really accurate i...
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    a better celebration for winning the cup or league

    can we please have a far away camera view of the players celebrating winning the cup or league and just have a standard one for all cups and leagues if its getting too against licences. one of the best things about fifa 15 is the reward of having the celebration for winning the premier league...
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    Whats the best to watch full match tactic?

    Whats the best to watch full match tactic? I watch full games for fm 14, so if theres anyone else who does and likes theyre tactic full game then post here. Itd be good if it had wingers too or wing backs not without them.
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    Spurs season realistic 2014-15 games twitch

    here is the first few games of december neon762 - Spurs season 2014-15 - Twitch here is the first few games of january neon762 - Spurs 2014-15 season - Twitch
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    a fair form boost with football manager 14 to make it more realistic

    get the ingame editor and after every 6 premier league games and not the 36th one just try and get to the end like you are and see how your tactic is then! its fair cause its just like how the high scoring tactics work to increase and keep morale. but fail when they get thrashed as well. so try...