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    FMKorea 433 Final Victory

    Okay. Than I have another advice :) Would moving STC to STCR be helps to create space for IF and it can play like second striker. What do you think my friend?
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    FMKorea 433 Final Victory

    Changing places of Mezzela and DLP can help maybe.
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    FMKorea West Ham 3th Season ChL winner

    How is this tactic on public-beta version? Anyone tried?
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    Tactics from around the world

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Tactics from around the world

    Hello, I couldn't reach my fmkorea and naver accounts. So, can you help me these tactics to download pls?
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    Any OI or special trainings?
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    Z433R | The Realistic One | Success & Beauty

    Z433R TACTIC FILE: Z433R | MIRROR TACTIC: Z433R M (Click & Download) Hello fellas. I tried many tactics this year. I'm really sick about IWBs and decided to make a tactic which includes realistic roles. I looked for many tactics on different forums (here, community.sigames, fmkorea...
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    Zarganian Tactics

    Hello guys, I'm Zarganian who is a member of this forum from FM12 as I remember. Every year I try to create a tactic and share it. This year I started with a adapted version of another tactic but I think it is not to last and I tought it was better if I start a post all of them. Z433 TACTIC...
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    Zarg 433 Tactic (Needs Testers)

    Not have time to proper testing. It's a tweak of an FM18 tactic as known as SC Trident from community.sigames forum. Tried only two games which all are away from home; against Real Madrid and Lazio. Main goal scorer will be striker, I guess. No OI. Let training to AM.
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    True 4-2-3-1 Tactic / Real Football

    True 4-2-3-1 Tactic / Sir Goalalot Tweak to FM 18 Training Balance (Avarage) Match Training Match Tactics / Atacking Mov. / Defending Pos. (Depends on your opponents) OIs AMLR / MLR - Closing Down / Always & Show onto Foot Weaker One (select left to right footed player and select right...
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    Is it possible? (CL group rules)

    Teams from same country in same group in CL on my second season, 18.1.2 update. One group, there is Barcelona and Sevilla and another group there is Lazio and Inter. Is it possible?
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    Zarg's Bargains for Underdog or Backups of Subtop

    These are not wonderkids. But they can backup your wonderful teams or they can be stars of your underdogs you real managers! SHOYA NAKAJIMA Japanese ************! He has 5 goals and 8 assists on 13(1) games! Right footed inside forward on left wing. He cuts inside and tries killer passes. I...
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    Torcia 343 Tactics | Home + Away

    Hi mates, These tactics not belongs to my own. I just tweaked Knap's Goodbye tactics as home and away. And I need some testers. I'm using Knap's tactic, i didn't comlete a season yet. But it's going well. ​ Tactics includes; 3 BPDs, 2 WBs, 2 CMs, 3 AMs. Players should have left or right...
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    Is there anyone using this tactic? Help me pls!

    Hello at the first, i need your help. I find this tactic but I couldn't dowload. There is a link but if you click, there are surveys and you have to pick one of them. And when you pick, you are entering a local ad. website. I did but if i accept pay 5euro per month i can complete this and...