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  1. Nom de Guerre

    Fenrir [Mythology series]

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  2. Nom de Guerre

    Mjölnir; the hammer of the gods [Mythology series]

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  3. Nom de Guerre

    Gungnir strikerless [Mythology]

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  4. Nom de Guerre

    Gungnir; A Dirty Strikerless Tactic

    The basic premise for the Gungnir setup was born out of necessity (and being too lazy to go scouting during Beta). The rest of the tactic built itself around this chaotic conduit I constructed in midfield, generating a fluid, sexy brand of football. Come on, don't we all love some fluid, sexy...
  5. Nom de Guerre

    My corner setup

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  6. Nom de Guerre

    A new corner routine

    Set piece plays are an essential aspect of the game. If you are unable to break down a particularly sturdy defence, a set piece may be all you need to pry open the defence. ****, you can win games by making sure your offensive set pieces are good. Just look at Rehhagel’s Greece, in the knock-out...
  7. Nom de Guerre

    A Leicester City-INSPIRED 4-4-2-0 (SO NOT A REPLICA)

    Over the past decade, people have fallen out of love with the humble 4-4-2 formation. It’s a shame really, as it’s a beautiful and effective tactic. Its beauty is also part of the reason why people tend to snub their noses at it, since it’s a rather straight-forward and simple tactic. Ranieri...
  8. Nom de Guerre

    Strikerless 3-4-3-0

    A short summary. One of my pet projects is this: Project Arrowhead; Total Defending In FM16 (With A Libero) | Strikerless That's Project Arrowhead. Most of that is probably too hipster and too much for my own endeavours of breaking the Match Engine down to understandable chunks. One of the...
  9. Nom de Guerre

    For the people struggling with their set pieces...

    FM16 Corners; Various Routines And Their Merits | Strikerless Managers, coaches, players and pundits alike often make reference to the importance of set plays, which can be a crucial means to force in a goal when things don't look good during open play. Set plays by their premeditated nature...
  10. Nom de Guerre

    Strikerless meets Pulis; 4-4-2-0

    Over the last seasons, quite a few people have fallen in love with Barcelona, Spain and FC Bayern’s tiki-taka brand of football. After Guardiola’s departure to FC Bayern, we’ve seen the Bavarians employ a mix between the more direct style Heynckes implemented and Guardiola’s own possession-based...
  11. Nom de Guerre

    3-4-3-0 Strikerless

    It’s a bit of a blast from the past, I must admit that. The 3-4-3 formation is a very offensive minded formation, but isn’t used very often this day and age. Napoli and the Chilean national side have used the formation at times, but it’s generally a formation from days long gone. That really is...
  12. Nom de Guerre

    4-2-4-0 Overload

    As I have argued zealously in the past, the entire strikerless concept not only requires movement but actually thrives upon it, either to exploit the space or to create the space by dragging defenders out of position. The premise of strikerless football calls for the various lines in the...
  13. Nom de Guerre

    The Strikerless Box

    The centre is vital to success in the majority of sports. In chess, controlling the central area is considered a strategy that allows you the the best possible access to the board and can reach the entirety of the widthm as you can easily maximise the potential spaces which your pieces can move...