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  1. TheMaestro

    FM20 PSV Eindhoven - Toppling Ajax and the World

    Chapter 1 (Introduction)
  2. TheMaestro

    Tottenham Hostpur: Building on the Pochettinho Years

    Tottenham Hotspur: The Beginning (Chapter 1) 'Trophophobia' is defined as the fear of trophies, and Tottenham Hotspur have definitely shown signs of this in previous years. And I have decided to take to FM20 for Spurs to overcome that fear of trophies. What happened to Sheffield United...
  3. TheMaestro

    Sheffield United - Emulating Chris Wilder

    After conducting a poll for a new save, Sheffield United won 6/17 votes to win the poll for my latest FM20 save. Sheffield United are one of the success stories of this season, with many pundits predicting them to finish bottom of the Premier League. However, manager Chris Wilder's astute...
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    New Save Poll

    Hello, As you may've noticed I've been trying a number of different saves recently, my apologies for all of the various stories which have contained a minimal amount of posts. I've had failed adventures at Norwich, Real Betis, a Tier 10 Club and most recently Southampton and my saves which have...
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    Southampton FC - Can the Saint Go Marching In?

    Southampton FC - A Football Manager 2020 Story After finally tasting success with Tottenham Hotspur, I have decided to stick with the Premier League and attempt to the do the same with Southampton. A club who has had its major ups and downs over the course of several years and even over the...
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    Norwich City F.C. - A New Challenge

    MANAGER CRISTIAN FERRI TAKES OVER AT THE CANARIES Norwich City F.C. has today announced that they have hired a new unknown Australian manager in the form of Cristian Ferri to lead the club and steer them away from relegation in the 2019/20 season. The club wishes to thank Daniel Farke for his...
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    Real Betis - Joaquin, Fekir and Me

    Hello and welcome to my new Football Manager 2020 story, where I'll take over at Real Betis Balompie, in Spain's first tier, La Liga. My last story was a nightmare but I hope this one will be quite a lot better. I think I will enjoy it more as well and look forward to doing what is my first save...
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    New Save Poll

    As you may have read, I'll be looking to rebound after I was sacked by a Tier 10 club! I'll be going with a bigger fish this time - but will leave it for you to decide who with.
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    St Blazey - My Hardest Ever FM Save (Tier 10 Database)

    And so the greatest challenge of my FM career begins... With increasing spare time at the moment due to the situation, I have installed a Tier 10 database into the game which enables me to begin with a Tier 10 team. I asked the game to pick a team for me and the first Tier 10 one that it gave...
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    Tottenham Hotspur - Reviving the Lilywhites

    Tottenham Hotspur - Reviving the Lilywhites Tottenham Hotspur are most certainly a club with potential but despite all the good work of Mauricio Pochettino with the club, before he struggled before his sacking, the club has never been able to win a trophy of major note. Jose Mourinho was...
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    Everton F.C. - Can the Toffees Break the Top 6?

    'Everton F.C. - Can the Toffees Break the Top 6? Hello all, a 3rd fresh Football Manager 2020 start after forced restarts on the other two occasions. I'm hoping that there's no more corrupt saves and that I can actually enjoy and get to grips with the game before I start my long yearly...
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    Howay the Toon - A Newcastle United Story

    Hello and welcome to my latest FM instalment; this time I'll be taking over at Newcastle United. I was considering continuing my FM20 Manchester United story but I had a massive post ready prior to the crash and I decided to start fresh. Despite my massive support for United, one club I've...