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    Online Premiere League Game

    Hi guys, I will be starting a premier league game tomorrow (Sunday 11th December) at around 1pm [GMT0]. We will continue to play 7-9pm on weekdays. So far there are two of us interested so if we can get to 5+ we should be in for a good game. There are no restrictions on which teams you choose...
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    Scolari sacked!

    Just announced that big phil scolari has been sacked from chelsea already. Avram Grant and Guus Hiddink linked with the job.
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    Friday start, Prem

    Thinking of startin a game on friday using just the premiership. Start will probably be about 1pm uk time. Hamachi powered and using patch 9.2 version of the game. Just post me your desired team and user name for hamachi. Aston Villa - Tresor Kandlol Blackburn - Spawn4322 Bolton -...