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    Dutch 4-3-3 Total Football

    I attempt to recreate the Dutch 'Total Football' tactic from the 1970's and then see how Norwich and Man City get on using the tactic!
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    Dutch 4-3-3 'Total Football'

    I attempt to recreate the Dutch 'Total Football' tactic from the 1970's and then see how Norwich and Man City get on using the tactic!
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    The Ruiner 2: Bringing Man United Down

    I have another go at a ruiner save, this time i'm trying to bring financial destitution to Man United!
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    Greece 2004 Tactic

    I take a look at the Euro 2004 winning tactics employed by Greece and try to recreate them in FM")
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    Sheffield United 5-3-2

    I have a go at recreating the current tactic used by Chris wilder's Sheffield United in FM20.
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    England 1966 4-1-3-2

    Hello, I tried to recreate England's World Cup winning tactic from 1966. It's just a bit of fun but I tested it with both Man City and Sheffield United.
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    A Serene Rebirth: The San Marino Challenge

    Hello! The first two parts of my San Marino save are available to read! Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback. Part 1: Part 2...
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    The Brief San Marino Challenge!

    I see how far I can push Pennarossa in European football using an overpowered formation!
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    Hungary 1950's Mighty Magyars Tactic

    I take a look at the dominant Hungary side from the 1950s and the tactics that made them so successful before trying to recreate their playing style in Football Manager 19!
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    The 1930 World Cup: Recreating the 2-3-5

    I take a look at the 1930 World Cup and try to recreate the tactics used by both of the finalists.
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    The Ruiner: How bad can a clubs finances get?

    My new mini-series where I fond out how badly I can ruin a teams finances on FM19!
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    Preston 1888 and the 2-3-5 Experiment

    I have a go at recreating how Preston played when they had the first ever unbeaten league season way back in 1888 to find out how well a 2-3-5 formation works!
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    FM19: Top Iberian Clubs

    Hello and welcome to my list of the top clubs to manage in the Iberian Region in Football Manager 2019. I'm not going to go into huge depth around the current first team squads instead I'm going to focus on some additional challenges to do whilst playing as them. So if you're stuck for a team to...
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    parkin789 Content

    Hello and welcome to my part of the FM Base blogging section. I hope you enjoy checking out my work along with everything else you find here! My first post in this area will be live in the near future but you can find my existing work on my own blog where I've been blogging since 2018. My...
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    2-2-6 Experiment

    Something a little different where I look at the good old 2-2-6 formation and how it works in FM19. Steam Workshop link if you fancy a look yourself...
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    F.C Europa - Create a Club Challenge

    Hello! This will be my main save for FM19! I appreciate all feedback and shares! Hello and welcome to my blog! With the FM19 beta rapidly approaching and a lot of new features announced I thought it was...
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    FM2017: San Marino Challenge

    After finally writing part 11 of my San Marino challenge I decided to share it on fm-base! Links to previous parts of the story so far are in the article! I appreciate any feedback! Quote Edit