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    A guide to managing Toulouse FC

    So upon entering my 6th season with Toulouse and still having alot of fun, I thought I'd share what I've learnt about the team incase anyone else is interested in starting as them. Why manage Toulouse? Simply because of the squad. Although they are predicted to finish 8th, you can quite easily...
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    Are fullbacks bugged this year?

    I couldn't find a similar thread for this. (Except for ones that generalized buggy players in the beta.) Let me give you an overview of my fm save first before I explain. First season with Toulouse, I came 2nd. Second season, third and in the champs league final (wtf!). Third season (this...
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    Kurt Zouma

    Haven't seen him mentioned in other threads. Name: Kurt Zouma Club: AS Saint-Etienne (French Ligue 1) D.O.B: 27.10.1994 Nationality: French Position: CB Strengths: Heading, Balance, Strength Weaknesses: Concentration, Decisions - although he is only 17.. Suggested...
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    Can't improve youth recruitment?

    For the past 3 seasons i've tried to ask the board to improve my youth recruitment, but I always get greeted with this: My facilities: So as you can see my youth recruitment is (I think) 1 off the max which would be Extensive. Money isn't the problem here as I have 165m in the bank, and...
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    Conceding way too many goals from set pieces

    Ok, thought i'd ask for help as i've tried everything and am getting too ****** off to play. It seems most people are finding this demo much easier than fm 2011 but it's the opposite for me. I've tried just making a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic and change hardly anything as apparently that's the way to go...
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    Fresh Meat

    Anyone watch the first episode? If so what did you think? I thought it was pretty good, definately going to follow the series. Jack whitehall & that scottish guy were pretty amazing.
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    Ross Kemp: Extreme World

    Anyone else been watching this? Couldn't find a thread on it. Real eye opening programme though, always watched the gangs series' too. Shocking to see the state of haiti 10 months on, and how bad things are in juarez!
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    First team/youth coaches?

    Ok so ever since I found out about the 5 star coach rating, I simply got 9 (?) general coaches (1 for each training attribute). And then I'd just use the same coaches on both the senior and the youth schedules.. though for some reason the GK coaches almost always only got a 2.5 star youth rating...
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    Unable to generate fake player faces?

    So I had the option "use real and generated pictures" selected, and my regens had faces for the first season. But all of a sudden they no longer do, and when I checked the preferences, that option was greyed out.. ?
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    Fixtures re-arranged for no reason?

    Ok i've been having problems with this. Constantly throughout my season i'll realise on the saturday or so that my upcoming game for that day has just disappeared and been re-arranged weeks/months down the line. However it's not because of a fixture clash caused by cup competitions. I don't get...
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    Lack of top regens..

    So I started a game with barca, keeping their philosophy of bringing young spanish talent through the youth team. With players like puyol, xavi, villa and abidal getting old i'd need good regens pretty sharpish. Anyway the end of the season comes, regens are generated, so I open up player...
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    Wage Bug??

    Can anyone tell me what the **** has happened here?! (see screens) As you can see my player wages is under 2 mil, which means it should be around 7.5m a month. But so far 28m has been spent and I still have 1 week of the month left!
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    Morale Broken?

    The majority of the season I had most of my team at superb morale, which takes a while to build up. Then after 1 poor game, virtually all of them drop to "poor". A bit drastic, but maybe understandable. But yet after 45 mins of that game, 2 players played below par (not even anything ridiculous...
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    Creating Staff

    So I was thinking of starting a game again as Lyon, but the problem I found is there's a lack of quality french staff (I like my staff to all be from the same nation as the club). That and I find it tedious searching for more once they get old. So I was planning on creating all my own staff...
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    Config Coding for custom kits?

    Ok so I made some custom kits and a config file again, following the instructions for 2010. But when I refresh the in-game display & sound, the kits don't appear under the Info tab. The logo's on the default kits also disappeared. If anyone has figured out how it works this time, it would be...
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    Changing the south american transfer rules??

    Ok if you're reading this you're probably aware that players in south america (or atleast brazil and argentina, that I know of) can't move to say, a european club, until they're atleast 18. Now I was wanting to start a portuguese league save (again) and take advantage of the no restrictions on...
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    Permanent spurs home kit fix?

    Yes, I have searched. All I found was the 'add /2009 to config' solution, which only works for the first season. I'm now in my second, i've tried adding 2010, 2011, neither works. Is there any known way to make the home kit permanently load? Thanks in advance.
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    Changing league prize money?

    Is there a way on the editor to change a league's prize money and TV rights money? I had a look on the main page of a league but there's was no option. Or do you change the competition level number? P.S. I did search and found a similar thread, but it was closed and a link given to the editor...
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    Feeder Clubs with top training facilities?

    Ok when I manage a top team and look for a feeder club, I look for ones with top training facilities so my players get good training whilst on loan. In england there's a wide choice of former top teams that are down the bottom now but still have top facilities - leeds, southampton, charlton...
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    Assistant Manager unsettles my team?

    Couldn't find a similar thread. I left my assistant to take control of all pre-season friendlies, and by the time I get to the first game of the season, my squad harmony is very low and alot of my players have slight concerns; the concerns being "feels you dont give the team enough credit"...