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    A poacher for 3 million max ? Ciro, Vukusic ?

    Hello everybody, sorry for my english, i'm french. All is un my title, i search a poacher for 3 million euros max, with good finishing, flair , acceleration...I'm in the first season, i've already Kadlec. I hesitate between Vukusic and Ciro, who is the best ? Thank's a lot
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    Erik Lamela or Jonathan Viera ?

    Hello everyone, Sorry for my english, i'm french... I am looking for a very creative player, with assists, and a profile Trequartista (support striker), to playv MOC behind my poacher I have a max budget of 7 million, and hesitate between Erik Lamela (River), and Jonathan Viera (Las Palmas)...
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    I serach a good AMC

    Hello, (sorry for my english, i'm french) I search a goog AMC to play behind my striker with a veray good quality of assist and for max 4 millions of euros. It's for advance playmaker attack's role, or trequartista, or offensive midfielder attack. Can you give me any ideaS ? Ninis ...
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    I search a Trequartista

    I am looking for a good AMC Trequartista to sit behind my poacher and my target man... Budget max 4 millions euros... Do you have any idea ? Marilungo, Celso Borges,......... Thanks a lot