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    AV.4-5-1_The Matador by Sir.Noom Angthong

    I just comback...again...!!! by AV.4-5-1_The Matador_full_version >>>>> AV.4-5-1_The Matador <<<<<The first first step for every GREATEST !!! Excuse me , for a long time I away from my love (FM2012) but...Now , I come back !!! A first match for Premier...
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    Oh..I have a problem for use facepack in 2011?

    When I copy files to My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\pictures\players somebody face can't show in the game , I try many time. Who can help me solve , Please ? :'(
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    How can I change my Username

    I want to change my Username from noomekkarin to SirNoom Angthong. How can I change ?
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    Please, Help me. My Hall of Fame point data was disappear?

    :'(:'(:'( Very sad , Last time I play to year 2025 and I'm the No.1 in Worldwide Hall of Fame as below - But now , Present time I play to 2030 I open into Hall of Fame I can't see my point its disappear from Ranking :'(:'(:'( I don't know way for resolve problem Please help me?:@:@:@...
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    Can up a stadium capacity to 1,000,000 Yes or No

    Please ,Advise me. I'm a person very like to play FM2010 . Somebody in my country (Thailand) told in local thai FM. webboard he can up his stadium capacity (Man.U.) to 1,000,000 (ํำYes,1million persons) Ohhh, I can't believable that true.(A)(A)(A) I want to know set the maximum of...