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    Players getting unhappy about wanting to leave to play in Champions League?

    Hey guys, I currently manage Roma in 2032, I just won Serie A last season and the European Super Cup as well at the beginning of the season, but in the summer after we won the league about 3 players came to me unhappy about wanting to leave to play in the Champions League, 2 of them were fine...
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    Parma Calcio 1913 : The Redemption of Parma F.C.

    Hi, I have just started a new file with Parma F.C., those of you who do not know Parma last season were surrounded by a lot of controversy going through multiple owners in the space of a season and long story short they fell into bankruptcy and were demoted from Serie A finishing 20th, to Serie...
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    Your Greek Superleague experiences?

    Hello, I got tired of managing the same old teams from England, Italy, Spain, Germany you name it, so I decided, what the **** I have never tried a file in Greece, and so far I have to say I am loving it, it has been 2 years in with Olympiakos, I have not looked back, first season we fought a...
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    Selling Everyone : A Homegrown Challenge

    Hi Guys, on this story I will be selling everyone for every club I manage...apart from the homegrown players! It seems a bit crazy, because in the end you probably do need a bit of foreign flair in your team, but I just love bringing players through the academy, I will be starting with AC Milan...
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    Need a good challenge?

    I am a bit bored of fm these days and I need a file that will give me a challenge, usually I start with a team in one of the big leagues, move around a bit, then get bored about 2017 ish, if anyone could recommend a team I could build up I would be grateful, I just need someone who wont say sack...
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    Hey, I just took over Milan in June 2017, and Balotelli has been on a 10 hour goal drought since last season, I am thinking of playing him as a poacher but I have a guy called Pratto who is much more consistent and a better choice for the team, out of interest what is the best way to get the...
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    Keeping Palermo up, 3rd Season.

    Hello guys, I just joined Palermo as they had an opening and I needed a new club to manage, they are newly promoted in Serie A and I'm wondering what advice would you have to keep them up this season and generally try to improve them as well? First things I did was I signed about 8 players on...
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    Lazio 2nd season beginning

    Hey I need good players for Lazio, I need a rotation left mid behind Lulic, a first team cb, a rotation cm, a first team cam and a good goalscoring striker, I unfortanately dont have much money i only have like a 5 mil budget, ty. Sent from my GT-S5360 using Tapatalk 2
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    Lazio 2013

    Hey I'm just wondering, should I sell Hernanes, I'm in December 2013, usually I play a 3-5-2 with 2 CMs and 1 CAM with Hernanes as the attacking mid and so far his performances have been way below par, he's played 16, 2 gls, 2 assists, with a 6.71 rating, I might consider replacing him or...
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    Marco Sau Bargain Signing?

    Hey guys, I was wondering has anyone ever had this guy? I bought him for 6.5 mil from Cagliari on my Lazio save in my first season and so far he has been deadly partnering with the legendary Klose upfront Sent from my GT-S5360 using Tapatalk 2
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    Inter Milan

    Wolves - Mick McCarthys Long Awaited 'Successor' Oliver Travers walked into the changing room, he looked at the shirts staring into his green pale eyes, names from all over the world from the past decade or so, the most well known 'Klose #11' a lethal veteran german striker with fantastic...
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    Jose Paolo Guerrero?

    Hey has anyone ever had this guy? His stats to me look promising and Corinthians only want about 2 million, I just started with Liverpool and we have Suarez, Sturridge, Sascha Molders and Aspas, basically has anyone had experience with him or would reccommend him? Thanks. Sent from my GT-S5360...
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    All around the world and where ever that will take me.

    Hello guys, I have started a file with Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in the K League, I am currently about 3 months in, played 12 in the league in 5th position. Things are going ok but we really need to push on and challenge for the title. I will regulary post updates to this story, and I have started...
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    Sell Alex Teixeira in 2017?

    Some of these so called 'indespendable' players really annoy me lately, I have a player called Alex Teixeira, he doesn't really fit into my set up at all, i normally play 4-4-2 with Buffon, Piris, Munoz, Chiellieni, Strinic, Schellotto, Bonaventura, Marchisio, Chanturia, Djuric and Rochina...