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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    you want a good laugh
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    4-4-2 Narrow - Wonder Tactic - Hoffbeck92 - FC Nordsjælland as testing team

    it would help if you added a picture of the tactic to the op, don't you think?
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    Can Portugal win the 2014 World Cup? (Tactic testing)

    What a great World Cup overall so far! In the spirit of this World Cup fever i've decided to see if I could take a tactic plug it in to Portugal and see if I could take this squad that Paulo Bento assembled and lead them to glory in Brazil! Tactic Eliminated Callamity WIN ovr...
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    Mantorras77's Tactic Testing League

    RIP King Eusebio ***READ HERE FIRST *** 1. Due to the time consumption testing takes we will no longer accept requests but rather suggestions 2. We are looking for tactics that are already making noise on the scene 3. We now are open to testing multi-tactic systems as well 4. We hold the...
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    North America - short term World Cup 2014 Network Game

    We're setting up a short-term network game, where everyone will take a country in the World Cup 2014 and jump in right before squad selection date. Might be a hard time for some people to make, we're currently looking at 9PM to midnight (Eastern time) to accommodate us here in North...
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    Tactical instruction converting from TC to Classic help needed

    hey all I have a tactic created in the TC. It has 2 MC's on the TC. The left one has a role of CM-Auto and the right one plays a role of CM-Support. Now the underlying player instructions for both are identical. I want to convert the tactic to a classic tactic. My question is in the...
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    How to get your star player's bought !!?? world rep!!

    Hey all So i'm playing in the Portuguese league with just me and a friend of mine. He's Benfica and I'm Porto. We're in our 3rd season. Last season he bought Eden Hazard for 34 mil and at the end of last season he received an offer from Inter for him for 57 mil which he rejected and so far...