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    FC Flora - LB, CM, GK, RW...

    I'm playing with the Estonian Champions FC Flora and I'm having a bit of trouble finding players who could improve my team. I'm unable to set the bar low enough when searching myself, my scouts are **** and can't come up with decent suggestions. The only players I've signed so far have been...
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    Liverpool seek Roy Hodgson replacement

    Hodgson on the brink - reports January 1, 2011 By ESPNsoccernet staff Roy Hodgson appears to be on the brink of losing his job as Liverpool manager as widespread reports claim the club's owners have started a search for his replacement. A number of British newspapers have...
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    Happy new year

    Have a happy new year everyone! More goals scored and a higher number of successful passes to all football managers. Took the picture half an hour ago, most of you guys in Britain still have a bit of waiting to do.
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    Mate Bilic - La Liga Goal Machine

    Name: Mate Bilic Club: Sporting (Spain) D.O.B: 23.10.1980 Nationality: Croatian Position: Striker Minimum Fee Release clause: 2.6M Strengths: Finishing, heading, creativity, decisions, teamwork, work rate Weaknesses: crossing, composure Description...
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    Konstantin Vassiljev - Championship playmaker

    Name: Konstantin Vassiljev Club: Nafta (Slovenia) D.O.B: 16/08/1984 Nationality: Estonian Position: Central midfielder Strengths: Creativity, set pieces Weaknesses: Work Rate, jumping Description: Midfielder Personality: Fairly Professional...
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    Ivelin Popov - Bulgarian Attacking Wizard

    Name: Ivelin Popov Club: Litex (Bulgaria) D.O.B: 26/10/1987 Nationality: Bulgarian Position: AMRC natural Strengths: Flair, dribbling, determination, work rate Weaknesses: Crossing could be better Description: Midfielder Personality: Fairly determined...
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    Junior Moraes - ST

    Name: Junior Moraes Club: Gloria Bistrita (Romania) D.O.B: 4/4/1987 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Striker Strengths: Finishing, dribbling, free kicks, technique Weaknesses: No stand-out weaknesses for a striker Description: Striker Personality...
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    Romário D (R)/WB (R)

    Name: Romario Club: Vitoria (Brasil) D.O.B: 18/12/1993 Nationality: Brasilian Position: Defender Right Agent: Some Regen Strengths: Pace, stamina, crossing, dribbling Weaknesses: Jumping, Anticipation, Heading Description: Full-back Personality: Fairly...
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    Ligue 1 2010/2011 season

    The French Ligue 1 will kick off the season today, being the first major league in Europe to start their new season. It should be another interesting season as Marseille look to defend their title. Due to the current financial state there haven't been many big-money signings this season and...
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    How do you respond to players getting sent off?

    After watching last nights Champions league match between Bayern and Lyon and seeing Lyon unable to take advantage of the numerical advantage they had after Ribery's (rightful) dismissal and before Toulalan's red card, I started thinking how do you cope with players getting sent off in FM. Both...
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    Alan Patrick - a Brazilian Verratti!?

    Came across this guy and didn't find anything about him on the forums here. A good attacking midfielder, similar to Marco Verratti only probable weakness is his heading. Starts of at Santos, should be 16 or 17 at the start of the game so you can't sign him immediately. Anyone else signed him?
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    FM almost made me cry :D

    So I had been doing great with Panathinaikos having built a strong squad and hired great backroom staff and got an offer to put AS Roma back on track and I accepted it 10 coaches out of 12 decided to step down too. It made me quite sad as I have my doubts over who will be my replacement and at...
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    Taking Stade de Reims back to the top after 50 years

    I've decided to do my first story here on FM-Base. First I have already finished the first two seasons and the success I've had is the main reason why I'm doing this story, especially as the toughest part is only beginning. I'll give you reports of the first two seasons later once I've taken...
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    American Under 23, African, Asian & Oceanic Shortlists

    We'll I've had some spare time lately and decided to start looking for some young talent from around the world. I started with North and South America. There are over 300 players on this list under the age of 23 who can make it to a Premier league level team with enough good training and match...
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    Err. Winning a game although you lost the penalty shootout

    Last night I was playing my Arsenal game, nearing the end of the season had a great run against top teams, finished fourth in the league and won the FA Cup. Then came the Champions League final against Liverpool. The game was a real cracker. I was chasing Liverpool the whole game and fought...
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    My PSV team. And its getting too big.

    I'm about to start my fifth season with PSV. So far I have dominated Dutch football winning the Eredivisie and Dutch Cup every season. And I also have won the European Champions Cup twice. I'm using my own tactics (perhaps someone has created and uploaded something similar but I did it myself)...