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    Help needed... Want to do a little facepack

    Hi guys... I'm making some funny things with editor and any help would be really appreciated... I'm making some historic teams and need some of you graphic geeks to make a nice facepack of this well-known guys :D Here's the first "Physics" Team: E. Fermi K.F. Gauss M. Planck A. Einstein G...
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    Play for Iraq - Preparing a story, players needed

    Hi there... I saw some of you recruiting people for their teams... I want to do the same with a nation... I was undecided but decided Iraq because the story could be more interesting. So, apply here! Then I'll ask a mod to delete this post and I'll make one with the story... i will accept...
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    "Bread and Football" is what we eat - U.S. Foggia -

    A city living for football: this is Foggia, a little province capital in Southern Italy. A football team in disgrace: this is U.S. Foggia, descendend into **** in a just few years. The very big problem is that our supporters have seen one of the best football ever, the one made by the Czech...