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    Be A Player 2020 Youtube Series

    Player: Name (please keep to realistic names): Pusti Malaka D.O.B (DD/MM): 09/09 Ethnicity:Mediterranean Hair Colour: Light Brown Hair Length: Medium/ Skin tone: 1-20 with 1 being lightest/ 20 darkest. 13 City of birth: Athens Nationality: Greek Person Data: Pick 1 high and 1 low: High -...
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    To Dare is to Do - A Tottenham Hotspur Story

    To Dare is to Do A Tottenham Hotspur Story
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    Amazing Young Player

    If anyone is looking for a great up and coming player, head over to Western Knights (AUS) and sign Jason (me!) Some how I am in the game...
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    AFC Ajax: Developing tomorrow's superstars, today

    AFC Ajax Developing tomorrow's superstars, today Hello and welcome to my first Football Manager story. In this story I will be taking control of Dutch powerhouse Ajax. I will be attempting to replicate Ajax's fantastic youth development. In order to do this, I will only be allowed to make 1...
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    [AU] Online game

    Hey guys, so I am interested in starting an online game with a couple of people. League and teams can all be up for discussion when we have enough people. Because I know people have busy schedules I was thinking just setting 2 days where we all come together and play. Anyone in welcome to play...
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    Cant post or comment

    No matter if there is images or not nothing will post if its more than like 100 characters. I have lost a huge write up and its very frustraiting
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    Hey guys You'll see me around a lot more soon