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    Trying to work out how FM rates a target man

    Couldnt find a thread about this when I searched target man so started one to ask the question. Im currently Celtic in the BSP (along with the other mob), and after a bright start of hitting 6 or 7 in most games Im suddenly struggling for goals. Having around 25 shots with maybe 4 on target...
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    Network game Issues

    trying to start a three player network game. Two of the players are in the same house, going through an internal network and one is trying to access it externally. The two internal are connected without any problems, but the external one keeps getting errors (unable to connect). Im wondering...
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    This Game is Dreadful

    Well done SI, You managed to take FM12, which I thought was briliant, and make it awful. The new training is ****, the players movement is poor on the 3D pitch. Every single player in my team who gets the ball in the opposition half just shoots. I have EVERY single player set to no long...
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    Network Game Keeps Crashing

    Im currently TRYING to play a network game with my flatmate, with both PCs connected to the router via cables, not wireless. The problem is the game is randomly crashing but not giving an error message. Its crashed around ten times whilst we've layed this weekend. Basically having to save...
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    Has the Transfer System Been Fixed Yet?

    Anyone know if the transfer system has been fixed in FM13? It was still rubbish in FM12.
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    Has the Transfer System Been Fixed Yet?

    Anyone know if they've fixed the transfers for FM13? Was still rubbish in FM12.
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    Delete Saved Game

    Hi, I was tidying up my saved game folder as I had loads of autosaves and I've accidently deleted my most recent games and I'm back two months which works out at a season and a bit. I cant face replaying that season. I deleted the game from within FM so it hasn't put it in the recycle bin...
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    Players Gaining Citizenship

    Im manager of Celtic and Scotland and I have a few youngsters in my Celtic squad who are uncapped and either eligible or about to become eligible for Scotland, but for one of them it says "sees no benefit". Is there any way to change his mind as Id like to give him a shot in the squad as FM...
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    Penalties. Do they exist in 2011?

    I've just played my 30th league game of my first season in 2011. I am 14 points clear at the top, won 25, drawn 2, lost 3, scored 70, conceded 20. It occured to me that I hadn't had a penalty for a while so I checked the stats. I've had ONE all season. The top team has had 4, the whole league...
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    Transfer System in 2011

    I've not bought 2011 yet, still in the middle of being cheated in a 2010 game. I want to know if they have fixed the transfer system in 2011 before I waste my money. So far in this game if I want to buy a player I'm held to ransom and have to offer at least three times his value, but if...
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    Any changes to transfers in FM11?

    Not played FM11 yet (tried demo briefly), still on FM10. Getting fed up with the transfer system and wondered if it had been fixed yet.... Things like getting held to ransom for a player valued at £5m and signing said player for, say £20m and then getting offers of £5m 6 months later. And as...
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    Start Unemployed

    Has anyone every succesfully started unemployed and managed to get offered a job in 2010? I've done it a few times and got rejected for everything and basically wasted multiple hours of sitting and clicking continue. They need to make this easier and give you a job at a **** club or something...
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    Who is the BEST player you've signed in FM09 or FM10

    Was thinking about this as my Celtic team beat Inter Milan 1-0 at the Guiseppe Meazza (2-0 on aggregate) to progress to the last 8 of the Champions League and wondered who the best player Ive signed was. Without a doubt it has to be Igor Akinfeev for £26m. You see the saves he makes, and the...