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    Zonal VS Man marking?

    Something that's been on my mind for a while which one's better? Or does it come down to your tactics or style of play, Arsenal & Blackburn? I currently use zonal cause it made the most sense in marking a players that comes into your 'zone' as its put rather than following a player around the...
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    The Return of Goooner!

    I'm back, bitchez! <)
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    Roger Johnson?

    Im considering letting him go because i dont think hes champions league/premier ship winning quality. Maybe a few blues fans can prove me wrong :P I was thinking of getting someone like Samba or Hangeland instead.
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    Balotelli, Vagner Love, Welliton or Saviola?

    Im Birmingham in at the start of my second season and im looking for an advanced forward/fast striker that can samba their way past defenders ^^) Ive got 30m max to spend but im stingy so i dont wanna unless their really worth it. Im on the 10.3 patch if it helps and i finished third so theyre...
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    Does off the ball matter a lot for wingers?

    Im currently playing as Birmingham in the first season and i need a new Rw cause Larrsson(sp) isnt cutting it at the moment. Ive narrowed my targets down to these two but their off the ball isnt great(especially Blanco) but their cheap and my only other target is Alexis Sanchez who will cost...
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    Skins gone weird, please help

    Ive just downloaded the new 10.3 patch. The only thing i did other than that was that 6 step thing on here to stop crashes and now this has happened :(
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    So many attacking mid choices, cant decide?

    Im going into my third season with Arsenal and im looking for a replacement for Arshavin, long or short term. I want someone that can both score and assist(Arshavin scored 20 and assisted 25 all together last season) Ive narrowed down my targets and put them in a poll, i got about 60m to spend...
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    Athletic Bilbao: The Basque Assault on the Title

    Thought id start another story after getting bored of my fulham one. I found bilao interesting cause of their transfer policies and only being able to sign Basque players so here we go. Hope you enjoy (H) Portugese fanatic takes charge: Former Portugese international Paulo Dos Santos has...
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    Dzeko and Aguero?

    Im currently in my second season with Arsenal and ive got these two upfront and im not sure what position to play them in. Before people start giving me links to other threads or close this, ive posted this in the players duties thread a few days ago and didnt get a reply oO) Thanks
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    Passing and other advice?

    Hey guys/girls. Firstly before people start complaining, I put this in here because in the tactical advice thread you normally only get one or two replies, but i need a few here. So here we go: After quite a successful first season with Arsenal i managed to do the treble(Carling Cup...
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    Real Time Editor(FMRTE) 2010(Compatible with 10.2)

    Just found the new editor for 10.2 (H). At least people will stop asking and making pointless threads about it nowXD Original page: Link:
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    Thinking of making a challenge?

    Im thinking of making a challenge where i will use Arsenal but the twist is that i will add like a transfer embargo and only rely on the players i currently have and hope for good talent to come through the ranks for as long as the story goes. Thought it would be interesting as I cant seem to...
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    The Comedian Thread

    Well since everyone needs laughs in their lives lets share and talk about the people that give them to us. My personal favourite stand ups are Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Katt Williams and Will-e Robo.
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    The Cottagers persuit for greatness

    This is my first FM 2010 story hope all you guys/girls enjoy it :) Fulham announce Dos Santos as new gaffer: After Roy Hodgsons long awaited retirement Fulham have announced former Portugal international Paulo Dos Santos as their new manager and believe that he is the man to elaborate on the...
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    Anyone know how to improve tackling? I play a diamond 4-1-2-1-2 with my beloved:wub: but my assistant is always complaining that the tackling is disappointing. Im scoring well but i do seem to concede quite a bit later on in the game
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    Ive been defragmenting my with the default windows one(i know, i know <)) downstairs computer for since nine last night and its still running? Its the first time ive done it in its two year lifespan but i read its only supposed to take a few hours and its nearly been a dayoO) I havent been using...
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    Tactical failure?

    I just cant seem to do well in 2010 with tactics. Ive created a tactic based around my players for Arsenal, but it seems to be failing. I draw against little teams at home or scrape wins. I seem to concede late on even when on contain and set pieces dont go to well when against me. Ive read the...
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    How to get both your strikers involved?

    Im currently doing my last save with arsenal before fm10 and the title says it all. I have Van Persie and Milevskyi up front and i wondered that if i set milevskyi as a target man(mixed) van persie wouldnt get much of the ball. I set him to mixed as hes good in the air and the ground. I have...
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    Wenger eyeing SuperMario I was looking at the news before and saw this article. I think he would be a great signing as hes a great set piece taker, has great technical ability and will add some height to the squad and in my opinion...
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    Grygoriy Yarmash

    He looks a pretty solid, no nonsense right back. I havent heard anything about him on here and he can be picked up for about 4-5m at the start and hes only 22 so he has loads of time to imnprove. Hes not a created player by the way, i just havent started a game