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    Tips for taking Set Pieces

    Before i start THIS IS NOT A 100% GUARANTEED SET PIECE SUCCESS. This requires time and effort... this after trial and error Defending Corners To start off with you want your two wingers on the posts. Why? Well because they won't have better defensive attributes than your wingbacks, meaning...
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    Tips for making a training schedule

    to start with, i would like to say these info's are not mine..i've combined a few infos from different fm forums..and if the MODS find this similar in other posts, feel free to delete this. Just as a basis, this is what each training category trains: Strength Natural Fitness, Stamina...
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    Player Preferred Move

    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows which Player Preferred Move (PPM) is best and for what player/attributes. i.e. Shoots with Power Vs. Places Shots. does this mean a player with high strength and bravery is better to shoot with power or someone with high composure to place his shots?
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    Longest penalty shootout i have seen

    okay picture speaks louder than words and it does not lie
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    Looking for a Player Thread

    Just like the previous FM09 since no one has made one yet If your looking for a certain player, ask here but please give the following EXAMPLE Club: Arsenal Position: CB Transfer budget: 31m and other info: good marking, fast
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    Q.P.R. 1st season signings?

    I cant find any q.p.r. threads but im so SORRY to the mods if there is one I was wondering if any1 can give any advice for who to sell and buy/loan as im new to the championship been always on the premier league.. i want to know who is good to get before i start a new game THANKS ALOT
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    Gerard for 95M ?

    currently real madrid is bidding gerard for 95M is it worth it?
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    Gonzalo higuain experience?

    I was wondering if anybody had good or bad experience with Higuain from RM? Been hearing alot of strikers like vagner love, laurito and etc. But is he as good as them?