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    From the Banks of River Irwell to the Shores of Sicily...

    I though I'd give a managerial story a bash, I had a decent one with AC Milan but for some reason I decided to stop it. The Banks of River Irwell is originally a Man Utd (my favourite team's) song and I decided to start in Italy with Napoli. I hope you enjoy!
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    The DeanHehe Venture

    The DeanHehe Venture This is my first ever thread, so I hope it's successful! I've decided to start with AC Milan, I'd like to have a giant rise once more and conquer Europe. If I don't get sacked (very likely), then there is a limit of perhaps two to three seasons to stay at one club if I get...
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    The Return Of Scotland's Managers

    Scotland, known for producing brilliant managerial talents such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Bill Shankly and most of all... David Moyes. With a team of young talent and passion, Callum Mankl is tasked with taking Rangers FC from the Scottish Championship into Europe.