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    The Fort Williams Challenge

    Hi guys i have decided to take on this challenge of a team irl that hasn't won a game in over 2 years can i get to the next level and beyond? i hope you will stick around and follow me on this journey to find out. So this is how it will work guys i will post monthly updates that will include:-...
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    Starting life as Virgin FC manager

    Disclaimer:- The English league 22 DB used in this story was created by Dan BHTFC the link to it is here i also had to remove one of the clubs in order to fit Virgin FC club i created. It has been reported that 67...
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    Taking Newcastle United back to glory

    Speaking to BBC Sport about his new job as manager of Newcastle united Robert Lecomber seemed very happy about given the opportunity to take the club he supports back into the top tier of English football when asked he had this to comment "I appreciate people will be questioning both my...
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    A newcastle united revival

    Hey guys!!!!! i'm here with another Newcastle united story, last year i did the "I'm better than pardew" story which was enjoyable and the feedback was really good, however with pardew gone to manage palace and our team in the hands of JC which i don't rate at all i have decided to call this...
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    I'm better than Alan Pardew

    so obviously this to do with my beloved Newcastle United I think Alan Pardew is clueless and I have had good success with Football manager games the last few years and my friends have said why don't you do a save to prove that i am better than Pardew. WELL YOU ASKED FOR IT YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!. I...
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    Some nations dont have a fifa ranking.

    Hi guys i have just noticed on a new save that a few nations dont have a fifa ranking does anybody know why this is??? its the nation down the bottom of this screenshot now the small nations i could understand but Switzerland dont get it so could someone explain this to me.
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    why i think the exploit tactic of fm2012 will not work this year.

    right guys this is my opinion as to why i think the exploit tactic last year will not work. 1> last years game i saw time and time again players who where not physically fit getting really tired using that tactic and they would recover in 2-3 days (not very realistic) and this year it is not so...
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    trouble getting papis cisse scoring in EPL

    Hi all sorry if this has been posted before but i made this tactic which started being fairly solid but with newcastles back line was always gonna concede against the big teams however i just noticed looking at cisse's scoring record is 5 goals out of 18 EPL starts but his scoring in europa...
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    euro replica spain tactic

    Hi guys sorry if this has been mentioned but i was wondering with the success of spain at euro 2012 has anybody tried to replicate the tactic they used
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    mancini sacked in first season!!!!

    Hi all I decided to start my newcastle united game again and the game date in the first season is 22 December and mancini has been sacked has anybody else had this because this is the first time i have seen this.
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    why do players switch to a diffrent position all by themselves????

    hi guys a have a problem when i start a match the players are in their right positions but when i go to make a substitution in the second halve there is some players in the wrong position wtf????why does this keep happening???? many thanks in advance
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    why are newcastle united players under rated ???

    Just got my copy of fm2012 and i have realized something about my fav team Newcastle united that according to sports interactive that they reckon mike Williamson is a better defender than Steven Taylor what a joke, but thats not all but some of the other players like Ben arfa's rating seem a bit...
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    how to get attribute analyzer up without displaying face packs as i did in fm2011

    Hi guys sorry if this has already been mentioned but i made a basic skin skin based on default skin where you didn't have to display face packs in order for the attribute analyzer to come up for fm2011 but this year i have tried it and the code isn't quite right and I'm not a genius when it...
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    Slow GUI

    i seem to find this problem on every fm since 05 i have slow gui (graphical user interface) and at times its been so bad that i have used a speed hack facility on a program called cheat engine to speed this up the only problem with that is when i click on drop down menu's in the game you have to...
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    how to make a re-gen db

    hi all sorry if this has already been mentioned but i want to know how to make a db where the re-gens are better because the re-gens that i see are in 1 word **** so could anyone tell me how to such a db in the editor thanks
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    help making skins

    does anybody know how to make skins coz i want to make a newcastle united skin but dont know how to do it can somebody please help!!!!!!!
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    james perch called up for barbados?????

    a weird thing just happened in my fm11 game james perch got called up for barbados even tho it says in his profile that he only eligable to play for england coz he is english anyone else experienced this???
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    skining guide

    has anybody got any tips for skining because i would like to attempt a newcastle united skin but need some tips on how to get started on this because i dont have a clue, so any advise would be very much appreciated.
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    Problems adding myself to fm11

    hi guys tried adding myself to the game i fill in everything but strangly after i save the editor data and load fm11for a new game when it goes to the inbox i click on my team and find im there 4 times. Can someone explain 1> why this has happened when i only made 1 player...
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    graphic fmf

    does anybody know how to turn my graphics add ons for fm09 into a graphic fmf file