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    How can I compete...

    with this? I'm guessing it's some kind of bug as the FM engine is usually quite realistic and doesn't produce such silly outcomes. Will this be fixed in the next patch?
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    Pride of North London

    Before anyone rushes in here to tell me I've started an Arsenal or Spurs save thread in the wrong section, I'm actually on about a game save I've started with Enfield 1893 FC. I had to unlock them using the Tier 10 downloadable database from the downloads section. I started with a team full of...
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    Local Players

    After Reading about Atheltico Bilbao having a transfer policy of buying players from the Basque region in Spain, I was wondering what's everyones thoughs on starting a gamesave with a london team and only buying players from London? I'd probably be a lower league team? Obviously it'd be harder...
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    Leeds Third Season Help

    Hello FM-Base, I'm a long time shadow member and recently decided to sign up. I've made a couple of posts but this is my first significant one. So, here we go. ;) I've started a Leeds game save. First season I got automatic promotion out of League 1 by finishing First. I bought in Verratti for...