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    41410 - Plug&Play - Good defense and possession

    Nice positive results especially 13-0 friendly! was that with this tactic? Did you make any adjustments other than goalkeeper role? I find that my players make more key passes, do you also see high stat of key passes made with your players?
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    41410 - Plug&Play - Good defense and possession

    Hi all, I spent some time over the in-game FM17 years trying to develop something better than my decent 42220. I believe I got something good going here. I would like honest feedbacks. I use this tactic as plug&play with very little adjustments. This formation is 4-1-4-1-0 (the typical...
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    Dont understand how I lost the player to a transfer I said no to. (2nd Spain league)

    I told the 22-years-old player that he is staying put in my spanish club. He wanted to move to a bigger club. He has a contract until 2021. I was paying him 120k (I think, I cannot verify because I play online). He was not happy about this. Fast forward a bit while later, I received an...
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    How to apply short corner setup with some formations?

    I have a narrow 4-0-2-3-1 formation. I apply short corner setup. I noticed it does not work, there is no one closer to receive ball. I tried Offer Short Option but I dont think that is it. Does anyone know? Edit: I noticed that 3 STs, 1 ST+2 AMR/L, 1 ST + 2 MR/L formations can work with...
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    Where should I put my AMC and ST in Narrow 4-1-3-1-1

    I am playing an network game. I survived the season after promotion playing 5-2-1-2 WB Narrow. I have created a new tactic for next season. It is this tactic. Are the positions where ST and AMC set up here ok? Or should I move them both to center? I actually just changed my MC-R to AP-A...
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    How do I edit my current profile's preferred formation?

    How do I edit my current profile's preferred formation? Anyone know? Do I have to dig into a file on my hard drive? Thanks for your time and help!
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    On Steam: FM14 discount and FM15

    This year is different to me. First time, an older version of FM still remain in store on Steam despite newer version out there. Last year, in case of FM13 and FM14, FM13 was removed from store around early November as it did not exist during Autumn (Spring for southern hemisphere) sales...
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    jatjr's 4222 narrow

    Ignore this spoiler. Tactic has been overhauled. 4-0-2-2-2 is changed to 4-2-2-0-2. It has been very good to me. But of course mileage may vary. It is my final version. Will upload my results later. I am noting some statistics in the table below. (F and A = For and Against, G= Goals...
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    Dark Skin (looks like)Cristiano Ronaldo background, anyone share?

    I saw a screenshot here Does anyone have this skin with this background? I would really like to have...
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    Questions-How do I get an unknown club in playable league / How talk to journalists?

    How do I get an unknown club in playable league? When I go to list of clubs in a nation, I see a club I'd like to manage but it's so far down there that I don't think it'd ever show up in playable league. I look at my own profile, I see I always...always have this "Avoid talking to journalists...
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    All clubs' logos PROJECT IN PROGRESS

    I will be editing this OP post time to time. I am desiring to get all clubs' logos put in this game. I have FM 2013 so I do not know if FM 2014 have any new clubs. Iceland (all but 6 clubs) fix: made an error with 1 club's logo England (thanks to rocheyb, check his post for download link!)...
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    Reasons to not train "Complete Forward" ?

    I still have 2013 version. I'll assume 2014 is the same thing. Please tell me why should I not train all of my strikers "Complete Forward" ? Training Complete Forward seem to cover a lot of things...what are the reasons/incentives to NOT train Complete Forward? Looks like same applies to...
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    Is there a logos download covers all of Europe clubs?

    Is there an existence of a download that gets you all of logos in the entire Europe? All clubs, that is. I only have all football clubs in England covered but I'd like to get the rest of Europe. Is there any? Thanks for your time.
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    Need help to cure bad throw-ins and retaliation goals?

    Hello guys, :D I am new to FM generally. Throw-ins are always bad. I think 30-50% (probably not that high) of the time, throw-ins give possession to their team right away. This is bad. I think throw-ins are better when I'm in their half or it is just a streaky coincidence. (I set my...
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    New to Football Manager...hi guys

    Hello all, Before Football Manager came into my life, I thought soccer wasn't interesting at all. The funny part is that I haven't really watch a soccer game. (still haven't currently but read on...) How on earth did I start to play Football Manager with that ignorant mentality? :P My...