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    Dutch Topklasse Division Logos

    Hey guys does anyone know if the newly formed Dutch Topklasse division has a logopack made for it's clubs? I've already got the kits for the teams in it and I'd really like to find the logo's so I can mess about with the editor and start a game in the division. If not would anyone be willing...
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    Levan Mchedlidze and Glynor Plet

    Wondering if anyone has came across these guys on FM2011?? Levan Mchedlidze plays for Empoli at the start of the season and is available on a pre-contract in January, He's a striker and 20yrs old. He was attracting intrest from some huge teams in my game. I found him on the player search by...
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    The "Why are you on here at insane o'clock" Thread

    Just occured to me that it is now 03.20 am on a Tuesday morning. oO) So with clearly nothing else better to do I thought I'd just ask the question of....What are we all doing right now that means we can be online on here? Me personally, I'm on the nightshift.....oO)
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    My Journeyman Career

    After being unemployed for most of the 2009/2010 season. I was offered a job to keep Stenhousemuir, a 2nd division team in Scotland. With 8 games left to play and sitting 9th in the table, with 5 points between us and lowly East Fife it’s a bit of a challenge. Stenhousemuir are a Scottish...