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    Making CBs go forward during open play

    Watching CBs like Koscielny he is often found in the oppositions box after a cross from the sides in open play (not right after corners, long free kicks etc) Is there any way to make your CBs do something similar in the game? That is have a CB in a CB position but still make him go up and head...
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    Teams/City max capacity stadiums

    I've been thinking about starting a save with Bournemouth, spending the PL TV-money on building a huge stadium and of course youth facilities, but then I remembered on an older version of FM the City council of Newcastle refused me to increase the stadium capacity to more than around 60k or so...
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    Leverkusen - no B-team or u23 team

    As the title says, we only have senior squad and u19 squad in the first season, some teams have B-teams/2nd teams, but I'm pretty sure there is a u23 league in germany. Is there a possibility I can suddenly get a 2nd team later on in the save? or do I have to add something via editor before...
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    Language courses automatically cancelled

    So I promise my new signings an intensive language course before contract talks, but both Kuki and Bacca's courses gets cancelled after 1 day and there's no way to send them on the course again. What's wrong and how can I deal with this? Is it a known bug?
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    fitness exploit for EL/CL when loading leagues as view-only

    When you get an opponent for Europa League or CL that plays in a league you have loaded as view only, you can choose to attend their games in the league. When you dont attend matches they are not detailed enough for you to see stats later and teams dont seem to lose as much fitness. If you do...
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    Does tutoring affect "Important/Big matches" attributes?

    According to my limited experience looking for this, the answer is no, or possibly very slow. I borrowed this pic from another user here who has a pic from the editor or scout program Every category under "Mental traits" I have noticed changing through tutoring, but those listed under "Hidden...
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    Playing all pre-season friendlies away from home for better pitch during season?

    or is that complete OCD behavior? Since you can monitor the condition of your pitch I'm thinking SI must have added variables that either helps or ruins your pitch..?
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    Nerd Q: Youth players XP Points u18/u21/Int.nat games

    This is something I've always wondered but never asked, nerd question alert!: Youth players raise attributes faster from playing well. Naturally, a 17yr old gettin avg 8,5 in u21 will be better for his development than getting 8,5 rating in a u18 game. Even better if he gets 8,5 in a first time...
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    adding view-only leagues after start-up

    is it possible to add a view only league after you started your game? When I go to add leagues the ones I chose on startup as view only are not listed, and the "details level" page dont seem to include them either? also, does adding leagues as view-only add some players from that league? I was...
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    Training players in position or role difference

    so this year you can have a player train in his playing position, example Striker, or as a role within the position (poacher, advanced forward etc) What stats does a player train when he simply trains in his position? I noticed my ***.man. usually sets up youngsters simply training in their...
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    praise/criticize conduct

    Hi! Do any of you ever talk to players and praise or criticize their conduct? How do you choose when to do it, and for what reasons do you do it? I tried critizising a player who moaned and wanted to leave, and he was not at all happy about it. If I just praise a random player for his conduct...
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    Coaches' hints at players hidden mental stats

    So, as the topic says I looked over my individual training and noticed my physio said about some players that they "have a professional approach which allows them to be in good fitness" or something along those lines. I noticed this way only said about 2 players which both had 16 and 17 in...
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    AI teams relegated, prices on their players increases!

    So, I'm managing in Norway and IK Start got relegated after the 1st season. I won the league and wanted to buy K. Ajer. I figured since his team got relegated his value might decrease and his team feel the need to sell him cheaper as their revenues would be less after relegation. Before the...
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    Old players becoming coaches

    Hi, I've tried a bit back and forth with recommending an older player that he become a coach when he hangs up his boots. The player agrees and asks if I want him to make himself available right now. I've tried saving the game before asking him that, and agreeing to him becoming a coach/getting...
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    Steam updates/sync'ing game crashes

    I've tried changing the updates from always keep this game up to date to only update this game when I launch it, but I'm still experiencing problems with FM shutting down and a crash dump being created and steam telling me its either installing FM or FM15 is "syncing". How do I keep this from...