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    taking linfield to champions league

    ive been playing as irish team linfield and we qualified for the champions league 2nd season in the qualifying i beat maccabi haifi 7-1 away and they beat me 2-0 at home then faced sparta prague in the playoff and lost 3-2 away and then beat them 1-0 at homes so im...
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    what to look for in assistant manager

    looking for an assitant manager for grimsby bsp(just joined after manager sacked and half staff went with him ) what should i look for to find best or does anyone have any suggestions
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    odd glitch

    on a save playing as man utd got barcelona in the second round of the champions cup beat them 2-0 then lost 1-0 so won 2-1 on aggregate now in the draw for the semis one of the teams is barcelona ............. how ??
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    just installed 11.3 and all my faces have disapeared

    installled 11.3 and before had all the faces (near enough ) now theyve all dissapeared bar the premier leauge can anyone help me restore them ive gone inot preferences and treid to reload skina dn pics preferences but its still the same
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    Is it time to relieve arsene wenger of his duties

    im not a arsenal fan but seeing arsenal leave another competion in the last three weeeks cant help thinking it should be time up for Wenger they have not won anything since 2005 (correct me if im wrong i got info from google) but yet wenger still has his job is being in the top...
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    cant get an assistant manager

    anyone have trouble getting an assistant manager i have three different save games one with dundee one with tottenham and one wth bromsgrove where either they didnt have an assitant to start with or they retired so i search and also put advert up get a list of the candidates offer...
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    can anyone suggest a tactic for blackpool

    managing blackpool and i stupidly agreed with the bored wed get a continetal place so i need a tactic to back up my aspirarions any ideas folks playing with basic 442 at the mo and am currenntly rooted to the bottom after 5 games having won 1 and lost 4 (though i did beat man city 6-4...
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    wont let me play from bsn to level 10 when i updated to 10.3

    used to be able play level 8-10 using the addd on i ran the patch for 10.3 and now when i start a new game it says cannot load levels 8-10 as there are too many teams 21 instead of 20 anyone gotr an idea what to do
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    england logo

    after the england three lions logo for the team plus next to the name of english players
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    how to get the best out of danny wellbeck

    playing danny wellbeck and as back up for rooney whos injured ( its now 2013 and the previous man utd manager sold both owen and berbatov ) and danny wellbeck is getting really low stats is there any way i can get him scoring etc im using the tonymcdominance tactic...
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    football manager has run out of memory and must close

    ive recently been getting this message if i pplay the game for more than an hour football manager has run out of memory and must close never had it before but its happened nearly evry time in the last week or so and its annoying having to go back and reaplay games...
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    ***** topp

    ive seen lots of people mention this guy as a good palyer for lower leauge teams but how do i et him ive loaded large database and hes not there i really want to buy him
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    having bans overturned

    why do we have the appeal against ban button in the game if the fa never over turn the ban several of my players have been banned i appeal they never get off tho
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    anyone had this happen to them

    in my game i am one manager( manger a) at tottenham another at grimsby (manager b) grimsby i have currently got the second in thecoca cola leaugue 2 after 20 games played my tottenham side are 7th in the premier league t totenham game leauge cup round three against everton we lost 5-0...
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    skins bacgrounds logos etc dont show

    ive put all the stuff in the neccersary folders but when i got to preferances display and sound the skins dont show in the drop downlist also it has loaded a couple of the logos but not the rest can anyone explain thisn
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    looking for a tactic for tottenham

    after being sacked from getafe and at madrid and taking grimsby to promotion i have now taken over as tottenham i need a good tactic for them ive tried using brian clough tactic and weve lost two games and drew to a lower league team any know a good tactic
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    should i buy pato

    im manchester united 3rd season after trying to get pato last season was unlucky ive now been offered him for 112 million he really wants to join at the club already i have keirrson aguero and marquinos and fleck i have a transfer budget of 120 should i shell out the 112 million...
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    help with my man utd team

    ive started again as man utd and i am really struggling wins wise my forwards dont seem to be able to score and goalie lets in lots of goals i have changed tactics but still seem to have same problem this is my team goalkeeper :van der sar rsv goalkeeper :vincezo fioriolio defenders...