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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Cannot wait for this game, looks absolutely amazing! Feel free to post thoughts and any other videos related to...
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    "Reviving The Gulls" A different view of Torquay.

    Reviving The Gulls Chapter 1 - Welcome Charles Bundwick. “So Mr.Bundwick despite several protests we simply cannot offer you anymore money, the club does not feel that given your unproven and unexperienced manner that you warrant any more money.” Charles had a distinguished taste for money...
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    New Forest owners sack Cotterill.

    The Al-Hasawi family took control of Forest on Tuesday and opted to dispose of Cotterill following a meeting in London on Wednesday. Cotterill was appointed in October and kept the club in the Championship during what was a difficult season for the club. "Nottingham Forest can confirm that...
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    Mourinho's Tactics Thread.

    Hello Mongs. (K) In this thread i will show you my Mourinho-esque tactics i have tried to create. Please note that i am no super manager. Nor am I as my username says 'The Real Mourinho' so please when giving criticism be nice and constructive. :) ________________________________________...
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    Marko Marin - SV Werder Bremen.

    Name: Marko Marin Club: SV Werder Bremen D.O.B: 13 March 1989 Nationality: German ( Bosnian Serb Origin ) Position: Winger. Strengths: Acceleration, Agility, Dribbling, Flair, Technique, First Touch. Weaknesses: Strength, Marking, Positioning, Balance, Jumping...
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    FIFA 11 Wonderkids.

    yoooo ! :) We've all heard of wonderkids for FM but what about wonderkids for FIFA 11. Besides the obvious ones of Neymar, Wilshere, Ramsey etc.. the only one i know is Markus Henriksen from Rosenborg. Please share your finds :)
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    Mourinho Quotes.

    The man is a quote machine, lets be honest ! My two favourite ones are : "Young players are a little bit like melons. Only when you open and taste the melon are you 100 percent sure that the melon is good." “There is no pressure at the top. The pressure’s being second or third.” :)...
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    Getafe - ST, MC, AML

    First Season, Budget of 2.13m and i need a Deep-Lying Forward, a Box to Box Midfielder and a Inside Forward. All preferably young-ish. :)
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    .GIF Sig

    is it possible to use a .gif image in your sig ? i've been tryin but its not workin, am i doin something wrong ? :S
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    TheRealMourinho's Graphics Portfolio.

    Hello FM-Basers :) - I am TheRealMourinho, or Burak as I am known to my mum and i am here to present you my graphics portfolio. I will place my work with photoshop here for you all to see and possibly use. If you are to use my work, please give credit to me. Also from time to time i may post...
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    Who is 'Bi-Bota' ?

    hey guys, this is my first ever story even though i've been on this site for a long time. please be kind and i hope you enjoy my story :) - André Villas Boas Caught Cheating On His Wife ! " Villas Boas caught doing hand signs to his secret lover" - Villas Boas a former Chelsea and Inter...
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    Josh Mc Eachran

    after seeing his performance against Newcastle, i was wondering if anyone has got him in fm or seen him turn into a world class player ? I am considering to put in a bid for him from notts county :S
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    Buying Xavi.

    has anyone ever brought him,because, he is a great player but i would like to know if can he adapt and he play well without his barca mates? cheers,:D:D
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    Longest Undefeated Streak!

    i was wondering what the longest undefeated (includes draws) streak was my highest is 39 games with chelsea.^^) i was gonna upload screenshot but my game CRASHEDD:@ PS.please only post streak if higher than 39.
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    Best Right Winger

    I am desperately in need of a right winger for Chelsea. Joe Cole is to injury prone and Kalou and Anelka just cant play there. I really need someone. Anyone got any ideas for a winger preferably under 30?
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    Who's Better?

    This thread is to get a second opinion on players before buying them. Feel free to post your own and i or anyone else will post screenshots of history or stats. One example is Dzeko or Villa or anyone else that you wanna buy but only have enough money for one of them. Thanks,:D
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    Player Feedback!

    Heyy Guys, im new to this website so if i make mistakes please be kind!(A) I would like some second opinions on some players i was thinking of buying. If you have brought any of these players could you please tell me his successfull or unsuccessful stories. Like This: Player Name: Age (you got...