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    Hello (Again!)

    Wow...been a fair wee while since I was last on these boards! End of 2007 apparantly, nearly 4 years! Not sure if anyone will remember me but just thought I'd give a little re-introduction. I'm Scottish, from Edinburgh, 20, a Hibs fan and and I'm studying acting at college. I just got a the...
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    Fifa 08

    Well, long time I've been away, but I was wondering if anyone is interested in setting up a fifa 08 league on PS3? f one already exists, then I apologise for this, and could someone please point me in its direction. Cheers
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    Corrupted Game

    Any1 no how 2 fix tht problem u gt wen y try 2 continue ur game and u gt an error message, is ther nothin u can do?
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    Patch for Jan Transfers update

    any1 no wen this is comin out?
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    Post Your Bebo

    Well, thers a post ur my space so i fgured ther shld b a post ur bebo lol... (i think this is mine)
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    Online Game?

    hi just 1drin if any online games wer goin on tht i cld join as i just gt a new laptop which actually works lol. or if the isnt is any1 willing 2 start 1?
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    Boro in UEFA Cup Final

    fantastic, exception, wonderful comeback by boro to get the UEFA Cup final, well done boro.
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    Champions League Final: Barca .v. Arsenal

    with barcelona winning the other semi overall this evening, that means tht the champions league final and the most orestigious prize in club football. Will iit be arsenal, with their captain playing against his possible future employers and arsenal's abysmal league campaign and needing to win...
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    Snooker World Championships

    just wondered if any1 else had been watching the championships apart from me (if u think i'm just plain sad close the thread if u want)
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    Player of the Year

    These r the contenders for player of the year, just wonderin who'd win if we were deciding
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    Young Player of the Year

    These r the contenders for young player of the year, just wonderin who'd win if we were deciding
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    Manager of the Year

    These r the contenders for manager of the year, just wonderin who'd win if we were deciding. couldn't believe mcleish was in there but he is.
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    How to make your own skins

    could someone tell me how to make skins cause i want to see if i can make some scottish clubs
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    Scottish Cup

    thats got to be a fix, hibs hearts semi. not to worr, we'll stuff them
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    Dream Team (THIS ONE)

    Dream team-nows your chance please pick only 11, I tried to Vary the teams a little bit so the final team wouldn't just be man u and chelsea. 4-4-2
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    Dream Team

    Just wondered what peoples Premiership Dream team would be.
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    Skins for Scottish Clubs?

    Has anyone made any skins for scottish clubs (Hibs in particular) and if one exists culd someone tell me where to get it.
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    UEFA Cup

    Az Alkmar 2 Real Betis 1 Espanyol 0 Schalke 0 Hamburg 2 FC Thun 0 Lens 1 Udinese0 Levski sofia 2 Bratislava 0 Marseille 2 Bolton 1 M'Boro 0 Stuttgart 1 Monaco 1 Basel 1 Palmero 1 Slavia Prague 0 Rapid Bucharest 2 Hertha Berlin 0
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    How do you play online

    can anyone help in telling me how to play online to set it up
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    Hibs Consistancey

    why do we always do this? A few months ago we were only a few points behind Hearts and Celtic, 11 ahead of Rangers and we handed Rangers 3rd on a plate. I mean, you shouldn't throw away a 2-0 lead away at half time to Falkirk. Last Year we nearly threw the UEFA Cup spot away to aberdeen. It's a...