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    Creating players: respecting attributes from the editor

    Hi A question: I created players in the editor but the attributes aren't exactly the same as set in the editor. Like, a 20 can become a 17, or a 18. Is there a way to have those attributes fixed at the start of the save? Thanks
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    Loading specific players

    Hi If I create players in the editor, all of them being in different countries and different division, and want to make sure they are loading in my save, without loading 100k players or 10 leagues, is there a way? I remember in old Championship Managers (or FM maybe), you could make files to...
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    How do I get my reserve and U19 to enter a league?

    Hi I started in France's 5th division, now I'm in Ligue 1, I'm starting my third season at that level. But neither my reserve or my U19 have matches in a league. How do I get them to enter a league?! Is it a reputation thing? Do I have to ask for it somewhere? Do I need to do anything special...
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    Fm20 the game of 442s

    Hi I think it's pretty clear that in FM20, 442s are definitely one of the best choice. Which is weird, because IRL 442 is pretty much abandonned. Does it just happen that the ME favorize 442 because of how it's done, or is like a choice from SI to influence toward 442s being good? If so, why?
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    Failed in semi-pro: what could I have done?

    Hi I started a save with my local club, playing in 5th french division (semi-pro level, with some reserves from L1 clubs). Because we didn't have any transfer budget and the wage budget wasn't great (28k a month, although it later got upgraded to 30k, and I was almost at 28k when I started, )...