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    New tactic :: work in progress

    Hi guys, I'm working on a new tactic and I want to share with you my progress . As I am constantly changing the training and instruction of the team / players so, for now i'll just presenting the results . My team is F.C. Porto ;)
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    KILLERBEE HITMAN by Psycadelik Updated: 30-03-2015 Version: 15.3.1 Download: Hi guys, this is my latest tactic for patch 15.3.1. It's a 4-2-3-1 formation where the striker is the top scorer of the team :) As always I did a test with my team of FC Porto and with a team where the...
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    KillerBee 15.3

    KILLERBEE 15.3 Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee by Psycadelik Updated: 18-03-2015 Version: 15.3 Download: HOME / EASY GAMES - AWAY / HARD GAMES - As in all my tactics, the goal is to dominate the games with good circulation ball always looking for an opportunity to score! This tactic...
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    KillerBee Reborn

    KILLERBEE REBORN Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee by Psycadelik Updated: 15-01-2015 Version: 15.2.1 Download: This is a high pressing, control and scoring tactic. Using this tactic i manage to do this in one season :wub: LEGENDS :wub: Tactic formation FC Porto seasons...
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    Custom database

    Hi guys, is there any custom database that i can i use to test tactics? As creator of KilleBee tactic I want to create an even better tactic for the patch 15.2.1. But for that i need a custom database to perform tests. thanks
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    KILLERBEE Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee by Psycadelik Updated: 17-12-2014 Version: 15.2 Download: BOMBER V1 Older versions v4 - v4 - v1 - for home and easy games away v2- for away and hard games home v1 - v2 - v1 tactic screen v2 tactic screen Tactic instructions...
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    FC Porto tactic

    Hi guys, here is the start of my season with FCP. Is going very well but I hope to improve my tactic even more (H) 1º on domestic league with a good goal diference and now look at this beast :wub: I know it's still early and it's still a test but it is going very well :)
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    Tactic where striker score more

    Hi guys, what is the tactic you think the striker score the most goals? thanks