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    STABAEK can really win again???

    STABAEK CAN REALLY WIN AGAIN? Is a really good question, because, in 106 years of history, only in 2009 they can reach victory of Championship!! But we wanna try to repeat, and wanna help this team to arrive in group round of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!! PRESENTATION, HISTORY, MARKET, TEAM Not so...
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    Is not a MOTOGP story.....ESTORIL!

    Dear all, here my second career... A the moment BLACKBURN SEASON was ending, but first of made 3rd season i wanna start a new adventure in Portugal, from SEGUNDA LIGA (or LIGA DE HONRA)..... In the beautiful portugal, in south, near the sea, we want to made great the ESTORIL PRAIA! Estoril...
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    Go ROVERS!!! Blackburn need a POKER!!!

    Dear All, here my first FM19 career....i check a lot of team, but the real best i can choose is Blackburn. In first, sorry for my "scolastic" english, hoping you can understand well all... Why ROVERS??? Because Rovers born in 1875...a story of 143 years, and only 3 championship titles (2 are...