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    Best price for FM20 Download

    Can anyone advise where the cheapest or best place to download the Game please !?? much appreciated !!
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    Touchline shouts - How to get them working ?

    Can someone help with how to get touchline shouts to work or are they mostly redundant ? Would be good to see how effective they are or can be ?
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    Screen frozen before big match

    Anyone know how to stop this as the screen has frozen and I have not saved game for ages and i think im gonna lose the save just after winning league . Help
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    Got scammed buying FM19

    Got scammed tonight trying buy FM19 online via . Only when i made the payment did i realise they then wanted my steam account details and password which i gave but knew they get in to it as i have the security in place . And literally i then a email from steam someone had...
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    striker for Liverpool

    Other than the well known strikers ie messi ,bellotti ,dybala can anyone else point me to a great goal getter please ! Scouting is great but takes time and i need one now !!
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    Individual player training Help !

    Has anyone got a an individual training schedule so as to get better all round attributes up for the players . ie Full backs training to CW as it trains more attributes Would be much appreciated !
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    I can buy Ferdi Kadioglu for Liverpool in the first season , Can anyone recoomend him or indeed say what he turns out like , Good buy or Not ??
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    Tactic screen does not show player injury or info on fitness ??

    Has anyone else noticed that during the tactic screen when you come to pick your team it shows no info what so ever on players injury or fitness even when you change the TAB to the fitness or reports ? Most of the time when i pick a player that is injured i just dont know about it until it...
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    Icardi registration

    I have just got Icardi for my liverpool save and he cant be registered for Prem or Champs league ?? Anyn help !!??
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    Tactics SKin

    Can someone tell if this the original skin on the tactics screen , as it looks like an old skin i have on FM17 ? As far as i can tell it has somehow loaded a skin from my old save on fm17 , So can anyone help ??
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    players dont have Colour

    Has this years FM been made with the players all being the colour black or do you have to download something?
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    Green lines linking players .

    Maybe I'm being thick but what are the green lines linking the players in the tactics screen section ??
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    Set Piece routines

    Evening . I have saved some set piece routines into my game but when i got to load up there is nothing in the in game folder ? Any ideas please . Thanks
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    New new laptop to play FM17

    Evening , Im after a new laptop but only have £275 to spend could anyone recommend a laptop please as i am not sure about spec on laptops ?? All help will be appreciated !
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    Coutinho £125M

    Just Accepted a bid from PSG for Coutinho £125M during summer , Do you think that was good enough or should i have held out for more ?? #LFC
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    Liverpool's Stadium WTF?

    Has anyone Wondered what has happened to the look of the Liverpool Stadium in this years fm17 . It looks nothing like a normal stadium , Very Funny Looking .
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    Evo-Stik league -

    Hi all , Does anyone know if i can get the Evo-stik league going on Fm17 or if it is even possible to play that league on Football manager 17 My Home town is Slough so i would love to play as my Local Club please if anyone can help !!
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    Player traits ?

    Has anyone had a player trait that says ''Stops play'' plus what to do to about it ? How bad is this trait ? Any help would be great Thanks
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    The new update cancelled my Save ?

    Hello , Little help please ! Just tried to get back into my Save from yesterday where iwas top of the League and went to load it up tonight but could not as the new Update has happened and now it will not load ? WTF ? :@
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    Best place to download FM17 with any Discount ??

    Hello , Just asking if anyone knows the best place and safe site to download FM17 with a discount on price please ?