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    Scouting Problem

    I'm currently managing Zenit and i bought new scouts because the old ones were rubbish. But the new ones can't scout! When i ask them to do a scout report about a player, they simply don't do it and i even can't even give them assignements because the option is greyed out.
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    Tiago Machowski- Gremio

    Name: Tiago Machowski Club: Gremio D.O.B.: 16.5.1993 Nationality: Brazilian Agent: Cristiano da Silva Souza. Strenghts: Reflexes, Natural Fitness, Jumping, Balance. Weaknesses: Work Rate, Command of Area, Communication. Description: Goalkeeper (Dubbed the next Diego Alves)...
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    Leo- Cruzeiro

    Name: Leo. Club: Cruzeiro. D.O.B.: 28.3.1994 Nationality: Brazilian Agent: Jorge da Silva. Strenghts: Dribbling, Off the Ball, First Touch, Technique, Work Rate. Weaknesses: Determination, Composure. Description: Striker. Personality: Balanced. Suggested Roles: Poacher- Attack
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    Atributtes of players not showing

    Can somebody help me. The atributtes of the players are not showing.
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    Funny moments in football

    This thread is about the funny moments of football. It can be about a player, manager, chairman or anybody else but it has to be related to football. You just have to post a video. I'll start: YouTube - Lassana Diarra Speaks English
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    Vasyl Pryima- Metalurg D

    Name: Vasyl Pryima Club: Metalurg D D.O.B.: 10.6.1991 Nationality: Ukranian Agent: Kostyantyn Kostyuk Strenghts: Strenght, Pace, Jumping, Decisions, Influence, Technique, First Touch. Weaknesses: Determination, Passing, Stamina, Balance. Description: Midfielder Personality: Ambitious...
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    Nenad Lukic- Partizan

    Name: Nenad Lukic Club: Partizan D.O.B.: 2.9.1992 Nationality: Serbian Agent: Sasa Stojanovic Strenghts: Penalty Taking, Dribbling, Technique, Passing, Long Shots, Free Kick Tacking. Weaknesses: Determination, Work Rate, Team Work, Decisions Description: Midfielder Personality: Ambitious...
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    Ruan- Sport Recife

    Name: Ruan Club: Sport Recife D.O.B.: 17.8.1993 Nationality: Brazilian Agent: Marcelo Alves de Lima Strenghts: Long Shots, Acceleration, Agility, Finishing, Technique, Flair. Weaknesses: Determination, Team Work, Strenght, Natural Fitness Description: Striker Personality: Fairly Ambitious...
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    Caetano- P.Ferreira

    Name: Caetano Club: P.Ferreira D.O.B: 20.4.1991 Nationality: Portuguese Agent: João Cerqueira Strenghts: Team Work, Work Rate, Determination, Pace, Off the Ball, Bravery Weaknesses: Heading, Stamina, Strenght, Balance. Description: Enthusiastic Striker Personality: Light- Hearted Suggested...
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    Vitaliy Pryndeta- Dnipro

    Vitaliy Pryndeta- Volyn Name: Vitaliy Pryndeta Club: Volyn D.O.B: 2.2.1993 Nationality: Ukranian Agent: None Strenghts: Tackling , Jumping, Decisions, Heading, Pace. Weaknesses: Creativity, Positioning, Team Work, Concentration, Marking. Descripiton: Young Midfielder Personality: Balanced...
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    Andriy Bogdanov- Arsenal Kyiv

    Name: Andriy Bogdanov Club: Arsenal Kyiv D.O.B: 21.1.1990 Nationality: Ukranian Agent: Artem Sergeev Strenghts: Finishing, Free Kick Tacking, Penalty Tacking, Long Shots, Creativity Weaknesses: Stamina, Strenght, Natural Fitness Description: Midfielder Personality: Balanced Suggested...
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    Bryan Machado- Nacional

    Name: Bryan Machado Club: Nacional (Uruguay) D.O.B.: 8.2.1993 Nationality: Uruguay Agent: None Strenghts: Natural Fitness, Finishing, Heading, Team Work, Technique Weaknesses: Determination, Decisions, Creativity. Description: Young Striker Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles: Advanced...
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    Papiss Cisse- Freiburg

    Name: Papiss Cissé Club: Freiburg D.O.B.: 3.6.1985 Nationality: Senegal Agent: Sebastian Ridel Strenghts: Finishing, Off the ball, Balance, Stamina, Agility Weaknesses: Creativity Description: Striker Personality: Fairly Sporting Suggested Roles: Target Man or Poacher- Attack
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    Favourite weapons on Black Ops.

    I created this thread to know your favourite weapons (primary and secondary) on COD Black Ops. Mine are the AK-47, the Commando with the supressor and the Ballistic Knife.
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    Julian Velasquez- Independiente

    Name: Julian Velasquez Club: Independiente D.O.B: 23.10.1990 Nationality: Argentinian Agent: Alejandro Ferreira Strenghts: Marking, Tackling, Pace, Stamina, Natural Fitness Weaknesses: Creativity, Bravery, Determination. Description: Centre- Back Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles...
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    Nassim Ben Khalifa- Wolfsburg

    Name: Nassim Ben Khalifa Club: Wolfsburg D.O.B: 13.1.1992 Nationality: Swiss Agent: Julian Neubacher Strenghts: Jumping, Heading, Off the Ball, Creativity, Technique. Weaknesses: Composure, Concentration, Positioning Description: Striker Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles: Advanced...
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    Kostas Fortounis- Asteras Tripolis

    Name: Kostas Fortounis Club: Ast. Tripolis D.O.B: 16.10.1992 Nationality: Greek Agent: Nikos Koliakis Strenghts: First Touch, Balance, Team Work, Natural Fitness, Passing Weaknesses: Determination, Finishing, Composure, Strenght Description: Promising midfielder Personality: Balanced...
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    Enzo Zidane- Real Madrid

    Name: Enzo Zidane Club: Real Madrid D.O.B: 24.3.1995 Nationality: French Agent: Naji Al Maly Strenghts: Work Rate, Team Work, Dribbling, Natural Fitness, Passing Weaknesses: Strenght, Composure, Heading, Jumping Description: Young midfielder Personality: Fairly Professional Suggested...
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    Sasa Markovic- Litex

    Name: Sasa Markovic Club: Litex D.O.B: 13.3.1991 Nationality: Serbian Agent: Vladimir Savic Strenghts: Passing, Long Shots, Strenght, Technique, Finishing, Marking Weaknesses: Tackling, Agility. Description: Midfielder Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested Roles: Box to Box Midfielder-...
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    Apostolos Vellios- Iraklis

    Name: Apostolos Vellios Club: Iraklis D.O.B: 8.1.1992 Nationality: Greek Agent: Nikos Christodoulou Strenghts: Strenght, Determination, Passing, Jumping, Anticipation Weaknesses: Team Work, Flair, Stamina, Dribbling Description: Young Striker Personality: Fairly Professional Suggested...