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  1. ShikariFC

    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    First season using this tactic, Crewe in English League Two with a media prediction of 7th. I have absolutely stormed the league, this is head and shoulders the most dominant tactic I have come across on this game, most tactics on FM20 I have found lose their effectiveness in January / February...
  2. ShikariFC

    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    Using this tactic with Crewe in English League Two, going okay so far but I have had to remove "get stuck in" 4 red cards in 5 games haha!
  3. ShikariFC

    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    Dropping in with another update from St Pauli! managed to stay up second season in the Bundesliga and spent the off season really trying to find the best players I could on a very limited budget for this tactic. My regular back four now have concentration stats of atleast 12 up to 17, anybody I...
  4. ShikariFC

    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    So following on from my earlier post I wondered if anyone could offer any advice. So quick recap, fairly easy promotion to the Bundesliga followed by a first season finish of 8th (media prediction bottom) main problem I had in that first season was getting thrashed away from home, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0...
  5. ShikariFC

    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    I have had such problems with FM20 and finding consistent tactics, this is probably the best I have used. using with FC St Pauli I got a fairly easy first season promotion, first season in the budesliga predicted to finish rock bottom I ended up finishing 8th. I am however getting absolutely...
  6. ShikariFC

    FM 2020, The death of the casual player?

    Id like to start this off by saying that I have played FM for years, 05/06 my earliest memories of playing the game, across that time I have always been fairly active on the various FM forums knocking about and have always rolled my eyes at the various threads over the years that all say things...
  7. ShikariFC

    Be A Player 2020

    Count me in
  8. ShikariFC

    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    Firstly please excuse the photo taken from my phone! 😂 How’s this for a game then? First I surrender a two goal lead to a team who had only won twice all season (we were 30 something games into the season at this point) secondly the guy who got the five goals from me has a finishing stat of ONE...
  9. ShikariFC

    4-4-1-1 Spirit of 99

    I suspect I’ve tried this at the lowest level of football that it’s been tested at. Used this with Llandudno in the Cymru North (welsh second tier). Predicted 9th and finished 2nd, only missing out on the title and subsequently promotion on the last day of the season. Went on a particularly bad...
  10. ShikariFC

    Tactic Testing Feedback

    Got some time on my hands over the coming weeks and would like to get involved with tactic testing if possible, is the best way to help just to download a few and leave them a rating on the share and download tactics thread?
  11. ShikariFC

    Be A Player 2020

    League Cup game under my belt i see!
  12. ShikariFC

    Be A Player 2020

    When was the last time I played a game of competitive football ?! hah!
  13. ShikariFC

    FM Base Skin '2020

    That would be why then! haha thank you
  14. ShikariFC

    FM Base Skin '2020

    Skin looks really good the only thing is the stadium pics dont seem to show (as seen in attachment) ive had a fiddle with the resolutions ( the only ones avaliable are 1600x900, 1280x720 and 1024x768) but couldnt find the resolution that was mentioned earlier in the post (1920x1080) Zooming out...
  15. ShikariFC

    Best price for FM20 Download

    Not sure about a download but i picked up a physical copy from argos just after christmas for £22
  16. ShikariFC

    FM20: Who Should I Manage?

    There are two over on FM scout, The one of them based on the comments seemed to have a few issues
  17. ShikariFC

    Request Your Kits Here!

    Team: Palermo Kit Manufacturer: Kappa Sponsor: No Sponsor Please After Home, Away and Third Kits . Attached the Home kit i would like, the away would just be the reverse of the home ( black with pink trim) and the white would be the third, have also attached the new palermo badge for the kits...
  18. ShikariFC

    Be A Player 2020

    Wonder if Everton will ship me out on loan??
  19. ShikariFC

    Be A Player 2020

    Looks like I could be going down haha!!
  20. ShikariFC

    BJT Masterclass – 361 / Nullifying the Opposition - my Pragmatic Approach

    Out of the 34 league games I kept a clean sheet in 25 of them!