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    liverpool player

    hey i was wondering i cant seem to find a liverpool player in this years game Allan Rodrigues de Souza the young brazilian that went on loan to finland can anyone help?
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    football manager touch

    hi just finished installing the game and im wondering is the Football manager Touch the same as what the Classic mode in last game was?? cheers in advance
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    wallce from chelsea

    hi, im playing as Chelsea in fmc and I want to try playing Wallce the young rb but it still says wp next to his name even after him being on loan for ages any suggestions?
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    fm not showing up

    hi, im having trouble with fm today, i came home from work thought to myself lets have a wee game of fm and i went to load it up but it hasnt shown up on my windows, but when i go to steam it says its running but i cant see it anywhere ive already tried quiting steam but it says to quit football...
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    classic mode with southampton

    Hi guys im really struggling with my southampton side whilst playing in the classic mode, i cant seem to get a win and im on a losing streak, depsite having a good tactic ive also had simular results with arsenal, liverpool, and aberdeen, i have tried changning tactics, training and i just dont...
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    crsh dump

    hey is anyone else getting a crash dump after a while from starting a new game since the update?
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    Proven goal scorer

    Hi guys im wanting to buy a decent proven goal scorer thats cheap but worth buying for my fm10 liverpool team? any suggestions are welcome (H)
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    Hi ive just started a season with my local boys Aberdeen Fc and was wondering if i could get some tactic advice please? and cheap buys lol? included is my team after a few days Any help will be greatfull 8-|
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    Real tactic

    Hi i was wondering if i can get some advise on what tactic to use with my Real Madrid Team im using. At the time of this posting i have a ton of injuries to most players or away on duties and would like a good working tactics to cover my bases? would mean a lot to me haha (H)
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    Hey can any one help me i bought Hernanes from sao paulo in my 2nd season with chelsea but i cant seem to play him as it has WP nxt to his name im really wanting to play him but cant same with Neymar from santos?
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    Chelsea team

    Hi i was wondering if i could get some comments on my chelsea team cheers any comment is welcome and ideas to improve it would be welcome.
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    help new striker

    Hi im needing help looking for a new striker for my man city team im playing with and have £40m to spend but dont want him to cost me all that and him be a proven star Thanks all answers will be welcome either name/team hes on or just name cheers