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    Making My Way Back - The Forgotten Man

    Hello there, you may know of me, you may not, but one thing is for sure, I will be a household name by the end of my journey. I've already played for many top European clubs, but they didn't see my at my best. I've never performed my best when I have been put to the test, but now, I know I'm...
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    Name: Wilfried Club: Vitesse D.O.B: 10/12/1988 (22yrs old at Start of Game) Nationality: Cote D' Ivoire Position: Striker Strengths: Strength, Agility, Balance, Natural Fitness Weaknesses: Positioning, Influence, Crossing Description: Striker Personality: Fairly Professional Suggested...
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    Shameless Plug

    If you guys can, like this facebook page... Thanks lads
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    Football Kit for futsal

    Why hello there lads, I need some help :) My futsal team is looking for a kit to wear for our upcoming season. We are looking for something pretty **** cool to follow up from our Inter Milan away kit last year. We wan't something recent and pretty **** cool! Criteria Can't be yellow/orange...
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    Aston Villa - GK - First Season

    Budget of 8mil I have Romero lined up for 11.25 but I don't want to waste it all. I have a small database on because my laptop isn't very good so I don't have too many players. Normally I would have got Ochoa but oh well.
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    I'm Back Bithces <3

    Not an introduce yourself thread, but more of an I'm back thread. Been off FM-Base for about 5 or 6 weeks for the most part, but I'm getting back on a bit more and it's been nice. Good to catch up on the recent threads and blogs. So for those of you that care... Hi :) Also, what are the best...
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    The A-League Thread

    As it seems there are now quite a few Aussies active and posting around the forums, I think it is an appropriate time to open an A-League thread. Now even though it is coming to the end of the season, it will be useful for seasons after :) So now for your thoughts... Who do you support? Who...
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    Andrea Caracciolo - Target Man/Versatility Forward

    Name: Andrea Caracciolo Club: Brescia D.O.B: 18.9.81 Nationality: Italian Position: Striker Strengths: Heading, Finishing, Jumping, Natural Fitness, Strength. Pace isn't bad either. Weaknesses: Marking, Tackling, Crossing, Creativity, Positioning, Description: Striker Personality: Fairly...
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    Football Manager - The Story of a Bored Boy

    I sit here wondering what type of story to write, trying to make it unique. I chose to play as Bayern Munich, one of my favourite teams, very strong with the likes of Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, Phillip Lahm and many young stars coming through. I wrote out an OP about four times, changing the...
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    Liverpool - Box to Box CM

    First Season, budget of 20mil. Looking to challenge for the title and I need a young box to box Central Midfielder to eventually replace Meireles.
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    Australia National Futsal Championsips

    The 32nd FFA Futsal National Championships will be held in Canberra, proudly hosted by Capital Football in conjunction with Football Federation Australia. The FFA Futsal National Championships are by far the biggest National football tournament in Australia, attracting up to 2000 competitors...
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    James Rafetalli - The Swansong

    Chapter 1 - Arrested Again The headlines in the news said it all. Former football star and ‘bad-boy’ James Rafetalli had been arrested for his third time... this year... and it was only in early March. The millionaire had easily payed his fines for his previous arrests but this one might not be...
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    Nnamdi Oduamadi - Nigerian Bargain

    Name: Nnamdi Oduamadi Club: AC Milan/Genoa D.O.B:17/10/1990 Nationality: Nigerian - Awaiting paperwork for Italian Nationality Position: Attacking Right Midfielder (M [RLC] - AM [LC]) Strengths: Pace, Acceleration, Natural Fitness, Agility, Determination, Dribbling Weaknesses: Marking...
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    Kevin Friesenbichler - The Austrian Wonder

    Name: Kevin Friesenbichler Club: FC Bayern II D.O.B: 06/05/1994 Nationality: Austrian Position: Striker Agent: None Strengths: Heading, Finishing, Balance, Flair, Anticipation Weaknesses: Marking, Tackling, Bravery, Concentration, Composure Description: Promising Striker Personality: Fairly...
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    AussieOchoa's 4-3-1-2 Ajax TF

    Total Football Tactic Attempt v1 My Attempt at re-creating Total Football into FM11 brought me to play as Ajax, obviously. This tactic has brought me brilliant results, only 2 losses, both in Champions League, one to Man Utd and one to Lyon. A heavy 4-1 loss to Man Utd at home brought me to...
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    Player Appreciation Thread

    Just a place to tell of your appreciation of your favourite players. In my case it's :wub: Guillermo Ochoa :wub: as some of you may know. The Mexican plays for Club America in Mexico, but he has the quality to play for a top quality European team. I notice him a few years ago watching a show on...
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    Victor (Gremio)

    Name: Victor Leandro Bagy (Victor) Club: Gremio D.O.B: 21/01/ 1983 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Goalkeeper Strengths: Handling, Jumping, Influence, Agility Weaknesses: Eccentricity, Off the Ball, Aggression, Composure Description: Goalkeeper Personality: Light Hearted Agent: Gustavo...
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    Le Classique - Une rivalité à un autre niveau

    Le Classique, a rivalry in France contested between the most successful clubs in France, Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain, possibly the biggest rivalry in the world. Over the last few years Marseille have taken the edge in this rivalry ever since the glory days of Ronaldinho and PSG ended. The...
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    PSG - LM or DM

    First season, looking to improve my DM or LM, roughly 5mil to spend Any suggestions welcome
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    From Bright Sombreros to Black Cats

    Name: Giovanni Vela Nationality: Mexican D.O.B: 12/11/75 (Age 33) Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico Uncapped Giovanni Vela is the man at the helm of the Mexican National Football Team. The former Club America player was forced to retire at 23 due to persistent injury, unfortunatley retiring...