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  1. Folio

    Pep Tactic

    yeah looks like creator think the same and he released new version. The prev he described as 'stuffy'. Didnt check what is changed tbh but as I shared original version so I post the update too
  2. Folio

    FMKorea Pep Tactic - new version

    'It shows better performance than the little stuffy of the previous versions.'
  3. Folio

    Pep Tactic

    Folio updated Pep Tactic with a new update entry: new version Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Folio

    Steam Workshop 3412 Gasperini t0uma 2020-03-24

    Beautiful tactic without hard tackles oriented for realism as possible. Source - Ref. - As I said looks...
  5. Folio

    3412 Gasperini t0uma

    Folio uploaded 3412 Gasperini t0uma Leave feedback below.
  6. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    @Danwolf What do you think about this thread? Guys suspect this tactis is fake results. Delete this?
  7. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    Probably you are right. Honestly I didn't notice that ALL games won. If this tactic is fake I I will be sorry about share bad tactic for community. One thing which confuse me in this way - why FMScout members ignored this issue. Sometimes it just happen right?
  8. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    Also don't forget some tactics work better for team with no top reputation (AI confused by this) + high morale factor. My Almeria was almost unbeaten with very simple tactic in this way.
  9. Folio

    FMKorea Pep Tactic 3.0.2

    In original post some interesting sreenshots and videos - Looks like author made a real research (y)
  10. Folio

    Pep Tactic

    Folio uploaded Pep Tactic Leave feedback below.
  11. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    I just hope you are not City's manager :ROFLMAO:
  12. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    Again, this is not my tactic so I don't bear any responsibility. But this tactic shared in famous and respectful sourse and I duplicate this for fm-base with prefix forsure. It has positive feedback so I share this but I didn't write any guarantees because I stopped play fm20
  13. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    Yeah this is last team which I suspected :D 15 times more for no :D
  14. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    This is no my tactic. The source is linked (more information button). Looks like this is Bremen
  15. Folio

    Prefix Issue

    No prefix in But I did
  16. Folio

    fmscout Tested 4-4-2 BEAST! 2020-03-22

    Tactic from FMScout
  17. Folio

    4-4-2 BEAST!

    Folio uploaded 4-4-2 BEAST! Leave feedback below.
  18. Folio


    Football doesn't have to be pretty, it just needs goals I checked your tactic and score goals, but still play pretty. What I doing wrong? ;):p:D Separate respect for create tactic without some famous exploits
  19. Folio

    Tactics from around the world

    Guys You can search FMKorea tactics by ID number (red colour). This is perfectly detected by FM-base searching