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    The Royals - a Reading stor

    The Summer Transfers Out The transfers here are players I didn't see getting a game or players who I got decent offers for and the loans were just young players that weren't going to be getting a game and who could develop elsewhere. Transfers In I only signed four guaranteed first...
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    The Welsh Revolution

    As Swansea celebrate their 100 year anniversary they have decided to appoint a young relatively unknown Scottish coach to take them towards the new era. Aims Barclays Premier League Finish anywhere between 9th and 14th Capital One Cup Reach at least the quarter finals Fa Cup Reach the last...
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    Glasgow Rangers Champions oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

    This is my Glasgow Rangers story I'm going to be doing on my journey to win the champions league with Rangers. I will be making videos and putting them on youtube I have done the first two episodes already . Episode 1 Episode 2...
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    FIFA Ultimate team avatars

    If you would like me to make you one ask who you want on it and what different stats you would like on the card. ---------- Post added 19/06/2011 at 11:44 AM ---------- Previous post was 18/06/2011 at 11:38 PM ---------- This is the first one I've done if you like it request.
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    Jakec's Summer Update

    I have started doing this and have added most notable transers I've found and wan't you suggestions on : - Transfers - Contract Changes - Background Changes - Finance update's - Ca/Pa Changes - And anything else you can think off I'm doing this because I've been bored lately and have...
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    What do you think of this song? I think this song's good but I wanna see what you guys think
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    Jakec's kit workshop

    Status: Open RULES: Don't rush me for kits. I will get them done, but i have a life outside FM Don't spam my thread, as it will be reported No limit on kit request's I don't do anything with the pen tool, as i simply fail with it No new request when status is set to "closed". They will just be...
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    Everytime I try to start a new game on patch 11.3 the team I choose don't have a transfer budget. Has this happened to any of you so far.
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    New youngsters

    I'm going to make a database with young players who are not in the game now and also update young players ca and pa I would like your advice on who I should update or add. So I can have a wide range of opinions and facts thanks for any help. Template Name: Nationality: D.O.B: Ethnicity: Hair...
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    kit request thread

    I want to help fellow fm-basers with some kits for the new fm 11. While requesting please use the following template Team Name: Home Kit Colour: Design: Away Kit Colour: Design: Third Kit Colour: Design: Manufacturer: Sponser: Fm size: Kit Style (ss, ls, rk, ck, fp ink...
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    Down By The Riverside

    Saturday June 6 17:15 We have been told by our reporters that Middelsbourgh boss Gordon Strachan has been sacked by chairman Steve Gibson. Although it is not clear yet it is believed to have been caused by cotract issues. Saturday June 6 19:00 We can today confirm Middlesbourgh's now former...