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    can the HP Pavilion x2 10-n154na 10.1” 2 in 1 run fm

    i was wondering i would be able to play fm on my new laptop tablet thingy i would only be playing in 2d classic i couldnt afford a good laptop and in my budget this was the most practical for college those are its specs Processor -Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300 Processor -Quad-core -1.44 GHz -2 MB...
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    Laptop that can run fm

    basically i need a new laptop but i only have at the most €400 to spend and i want to be able to run fm on it does anyone know of any laptops that i can get for this price that will be able to run the game
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    regen facepacks

    was wondering if anyone had an add on that had a wider range of regen faces rather than the same 15-20 faces I had one back on fm12 or 13 added a lot to the game
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    Germany and Japan

    How do you get Germany and japan internationals to be in the game ?
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    Should you request a philosophy ?

    Like the title says I want to know if I should request a philosophy or work without any?
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    Celtic Right Winger 4th season

    well looking for backup to james forrest for my 4th season as celtic boss as chris burke is unhappy being backup i would like if they were under 4mil but i would be willing to spend a small bit more by the way im not using the jan update
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    Good young Argentinian players for a cheap price?

    Well was wondering about players like this that i could sign for a Serie B club?? I'd like if they had cheap wages aswell!! any help would be muchly appreciated!!
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    African Cup of Nations

    well its just around the corner and i cant wait i feel its highly entertaining football and its well worth the watch was just wondering what everyone else opinions on it and the teams are !
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    Real Madrid Thread

    The title says it all really, just wondering what everyones opinions are on the players,management,season and everything else about Madrid
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    This is my story!

    This is my story! My name ... Antonio Fernandez I was born in Pinto Madrid into a working class family. My father Rafa an employee in a small garage and my mother Angela a house wife.When I was 6 when my parents divorced my father running away with another woman leaving my mother to raise me by...
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    where can i download the 12.04 update?

    i looked in the transfer patch section but there are none there can someone give me a link
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    Assistant manager!

    Hey guys i have a save with Beira Mar in Portugal, as i want to have a career similar to jose mourinho and starting with a small club and work my way up! But i was wondering if an assistant manager's stats can improve as they get older because i want to get a young assistant manager and bring...
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    Lazio, A Roman Adventure

    Lazio, A Roman Adventure This is my first story to do on 2012, I tried to do one on the 2011 edition but i didn't stick at it.This time around i intend to at least complete one full season and if there is a good following i will continue with it.Thanks in Advance ​Edy Reja sacked by Lazio!
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    Beckham to QPR?

    Could this happen? If it did my life would be complete as it would be so much easier to go and see my hero play live rather than the tv! What do you all think of it?QPR want to sign David Beckham | The Sun |Sport|Football
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    Managing a club and a nation?

    I have never tried it before and i was wondering if it makes the save more complicated? Also how do you get to pick a club and a nation?
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    Arnulfo Gonzalez

    Name: Arnulfo Gonzalez D.O.B: 9.8.1991 Position: Striker Club(at start of game): Santos Laguna Nationality: Mexican Coach Report: If anyone has ever had any experience with him before i would love to hear about it and see some screen shots
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    Left Back for 8m

    Guys i need a left back im in my 1st season with Newcastle and i need a left back i only want to spend 8m of my budget on it though as i have to buy a back up left back as well! Oh i can get Figeroua from Wigan for 5m is it worth it??
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    Does anyone adopt the Zidanes y Pavones philosophy?

    Well as you have found out from the title im wondering if anyone has adopted the Zidanes y Pavones philosophy which Florentino Perez brought about during his first stint as President of Madrid? For those who dont know what it is its that Perez only invested in attacking players and not average...
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    Whats your save at the minute?

    I was just wondering what saves people are on at the minute and how its going whether your at the bottom of the league or the top! I just started a new save with Real Madrid and i've signed Jose Paolo Guerrero and Jadson
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    Man Utd 1st season

    Just started with Man Utd and i play my own 4-3-3 tactic, I already signed Steven Davis for 6.5m and Carlos Kameni for 5.25m both on 22k a week wages i'm trying to sell Berbatov and Kuschankz is there anyone else i can buy or sell to benefit the team?