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  1. Augustin1979

    What's happening with site UI? (Screenshots inside)

    This is how I'm used to see FMBase: and now.... It suddenly looks horrible: If I didn't know any better I'd think the UI-designers from Google had taken over! Is this something new/intentional? Or is this issue only on my end? (I'm going blind here from all the white)
  2. Augustin1979

    ---# ANDURIL #--

    Just wanted to share what I'm playing with as it gives me great results while trying to use a more wide style of play than what's been the case for most tactics in FM17. This won't be a super-elaborate OP, just wanted to share as it probably is the tactic I'm having the most fun with. FORMATION...
  3. Augustin1979

    (TWEAK) StephenK Perfect_352 (TWEAK)

    Did a tweak of StephenKs perfect_352! and so credit to him for his great tactic! And it really kicks *** for me. My aim was to have a tactic that was very solid defensively, while still producing goals. Also, and this was my main goal... Get a working tactic that utilizes the wide players...
  4. Augustin1979


    This thread has been renamed as a better tactic has taken it over (or two tactics has...). Standard version (Renegade - By Guzzla v2) Formation: Team Instructions: OI: Download: Renegade - by Guzzla v2_16508C4E-4445-4B84-AFB8-32F4AD04C155 Big club version (Renegade - By Guzzla...
  5. Augustin1979

    DC HAKA - Beta tweak

    TWEAK of Zyndars Deadly Circle "The Haka" Made this tweak to test out a 4-4-2 tactic on the new beta. Used all of the originals team instructions. I didn't have FM16 installed anymore so the player instructions are probably not identical to the original. This tactic has been very good...
  6. Augustin1979


    Tactic I won't be posting a lot of pictures for this post. I know we're at the very EOL for FM16 so I'll just post a simple post for people to try the tactic if they want to. If there are any questions I'll try an answer them. Just a simple post to share my 442 I cooked up to utilize one...
  7. Augustin1979

    Please delete this thread

    *Deleted - wrong section Moderator, please delete this thread... New thread in tactics sharing.
  8. Augustin1979

    442 Wide Wingers

    442 Wide Wingers Download:!"] [/URL] So this is my take on getting a solid...
  9. Augustin1979

    LOCKSMTH - FM'15 Beta

    Attempt at porting my favourite tactic from FM'14 to this years Beta-version. All credit to Dantes7 for creating this tactic for FM'14. Also, I have not asked his permission before making this FM'15-version of his great tactic. I will delete this thread if there's any problems with it. I urge...