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    ZEUS by TFF

    I have been waiting so long for a TFF tactic, and finely it is here. Cannot wait to test this tactic over a complete season.
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    Help with this error message

    Hi. I installed FM11 on my company laptop, but keep on getting this error (picture below) when the game must process a match. I have changed settings in FM11, for example I have unticked Enable Data Collection, I turned off 3d cameras, I do not use FMRTE, nor did I use Data Editor. I have tried...
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    Sebastain Toro, future CB star?

    Found this young Chilean CB. Getting a work permit is a problem, but he looks like he can be a future star. Name: Sebastian Toro Club: Colo Colo D.O.B.: 2.2.1990 Nationality: Chilean Position: Defender (Centre) / SW, D (R) Strengths: Stamina, Natural Fitness, Marking, Tackling, Anticipation...
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    Mahatma Otoo, one for the future

    Found this young striker. Getting a work permit is a problem, but I was advised to keep track of him until he qualify for a WP: Name: Mahatma Otoo Club: ES Tunis D.O.B.: 6.2.1992 Nationality: Ghanaian Position: Striker Strengths: Crossing, Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Long Shots...
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    What are your Manager Policies when managing a club?

    Hi. While posting on some of the threads, and giving my comments on players, and why I would or would not buy certain players, and reading other people's comments, I wondered: What Policies the other players have, or follow when they manage a club? Are there some that don't have any? I thought...
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    Regens in the 1st Season

    I know that there is Thread to show off your good Regens. However there is a lot of people that do not think that the game is capable of producing good regens in the first season of the game. In previous games in FM2010 nad the older versions of the game, I have found good regens in the first...