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    Logos and Badges and Kits and Skins

    Im in my game at the moment in 2013. And i just downloaded some new kits, a skin and the megapack for competition logos and badges, but for some reason some kits, and my new skin wont work. And i have some old logos all ready downloaded which still work and are not getting replaced the new ones...
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    portugese liga kits 11/12

    just wandering if anyone can link me to the portugese liga kits i.e. fc porto, sporting lisbon or make all the kits for me. Also can you change the kits when you have a saved game or do you have to restart the game and make a new save for the kits to work?
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    Help with logo's and faces PLEASE.

    Hi ive took all the facepacks and logo's from 2010 which i downloaded and put them into my 2011 folder but doesnt seem to work :( is there anything im doing wrong. They worked on 2010 but wont work on here,, Any help would be much appreciated as its so boring without faces and logos...
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    I come to a certain date in my game, and it keeps sayin abrupt error and then shuts down the game. Has anyone experienced this if so, please help. Thanks
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    Kit help once again.

    People keep telling me to do this 2009 thing when u put the config and notepad but that hasnt worked. what is another solution because its so annoying when 3 kits dont work and all the others do.
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    kit help

    When i download new databases, some kits work and then some do. But now i hav every kit working accept Man u and Liverpool away. Any ideas
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    People who play gamebattles.

    Hi im selling a 3k gb account on the website if anyone is interested add me on xbl impeRo Archie. Thanks
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    Help with graphics guru?

    When ever i go to add or save something into guru, it keeps saying error incorrect id :S How do i find the correct id's and get my kits working in the game?>
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    Can someone sort this out for me?

    Why is it when i download more kits some dont work? FFS i just wanna play football manager with the kits in the game but NO i cant cuz some dont work even though they did before? Can someone fix this so i can play :( Thanks
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    has anyone experienced this?

    On my game i downloaded loads of kits and the premier league didnt work so i did that config thing and put "2009" at the end then they worked. But now my bundesliga kits dont work nor my marseille but when i do that 2009 thing in notepad they still sont seem to work. Any help or ideas? :( I just...
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    Buying superstars

    For example im Manchester united and i want to buy kaka and roanldo, messi etc. They accept the offers but then the player does not want to join. Is there anyway i can get him to join?
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    I downloaded kits and they all showed up on my game but then when i downloaded the end of season promotions and transfers patch and a new skin, both man u kits have changed and so has the liverpool away kit. Any suggestions?
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    Downloading skins

    When i click download file. It says find, save or cancell. Any help?
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    Anybody plan clan matches on gamebattles like fifa 2010, Moder warfare 2 and cod4?
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    Downloading logo

    When i download logo packs it asks me where to save it but i cant find graphics to save it in there, so obviously when i load the game there not on there, any help?
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    Kits and skins

    How do you download kits and skins then put them on the game?
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    Joining network game?

    Whenever my and my friend try to join network game it never works it just sais "error" He gives me the preference, i put it in but still doesnt. Any help?
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    Best 11 on the game.

    Post screenshots or just name the players who you would say are the best 11 on the game at the start and also the pontential 11.
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    Making own database

    I want to create myself on the game then put him on a team but when i go sports interactive and football manager i cant find the tools bar, any help?
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    Creating own player.

    I cant find the tools bar to make my own database. Can any one help?